CFC’s Commitment to Change

maxine bailey joined the CFC as Executive Director in May 2021, with a new vision for the organization: for diversity, equity, inclusion and accessibility to drive and inform everything that we do at the CFC - across all of our operations and offerings. Ultimately to make the CFC more inclusive and accessible for staff, residents, mentors, board members, community members, and all interested parties and Canadian creators in the screen industry. Hear from maxine about her vision for the CFC and her commitment to impacting positive change at the organization in the video below.

Alumni Advisory

The Alumni Advisory is a strategic advisory group that works closely and collaboratively with the CFC’s Program Executive Team to set strategic priorities and action plans for the CFC. The inaugural Alumni Advisory members completed their term in December 2021. The selection process for new members is currently underway.

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CFC Board of Directors

We are committed to examining our recruitment practices for new board members, with a focus on more diverse representation.

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