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CFC Congratulates Alumni Canadian Screen Award Nominees
January 17, 2012

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CFC is thrilled to announce that FROST has received a nomination for ‘Best Live Action Short' at the inaugural Canadian Screen Awards. Sharing the nomination are director Jeremy Ball ('11), producer Lauren Grant ('06), and co-producer Robert Munroe (CFC Board Member).

Created through the CFC Short Dramatic Film Program, FROST tells the story of Naya (played by Emily Piggford), a young arctic hunter who longs for her father's recognition as a capable disciple. When a season of scarcity threatens their family, she embarks on a perilous search for food beyond the perimeter of their ancestral hunting grounds. Out there at the edge of the ice floes, Naya makes an astonishing discovery: a strange world beyond her ability to comprehend... and a dangerous predator that may be beyond her ability to survive.

Since debuting at the 2012 Toronto International Film Festival, FROST has played to festival audiences across Canada, as well as at the Sitges Film Festival in Spain.

Nominated for the Ted Rogers Best Feature Length Documentary Award is STORIES WE TELL. The acclaimed documentary, from alumnae director/writer Sarah Polley ('01) and producer Anita Lee ('01), was developed with the assistance of the CFC NFB Documentary Program.

CFC would like extend congratulations to its alumni and program participant nominees:

In Film:

  • Best Motion Picture: REBELLE (WAR WITCH), Pierre Even & Marie-Claude Poulin, participants of the 2011 Telefilm Canada Features Comedy Lab.
  • Adapted Screenplay: THE LESSER BLESSED, Anita Doran ('07)
  • Ted Rogers Best Feature Length Documentary Award: STORIES WE TELL, Sarah Polley ('01) & Anita Lee ('01)
  • Best Short Documentary: LET THE DAYLIGHT INTO THE SWAMP, Jeffrey St. Jules ('03) & Anita Lee ('01)
  • Best Live Action Short: FROST, Jeremy Ball ('11), Lauren Grant ('06), Robert Munroe (CFC Board Member); THROAT SONG, Miranda de Pencier ('98)

In Television:

  • Best Animated Program or Series: PRODUCING PARKER, Laura Kosterski ('98)
  • Best Children's or Youth Fiction Program or Series: WHAT'S UP, WARTHOG'S 2, Anthony Leo ('02) & Andrew Rosen ('02)
  • The Bell Media Award for Best Comedy Series: GOOD GOD, Christina Jennings ('90); MICHAEL TUESDAYS AND THURSDAYS, Don McKellar ('92)
  • Best Dramatic Series: BOMB GIRLS, Michael MacLennan ('97)
  • Best International Drama: TITANIC, Jennifer Kawaja (‘98)
  • Best Performing Arts Program or Series or Arts Documentary Program or Series: ROMEOS & JULIETS, Christina Jennings ('90)
  • Best Reality/Competition Program or Series: THE REAL HOUSEWIVES OF VANCOUVER, Erin Haskett ('02)
  • Donald Brittain Award for Best Social/Political Program: ABOUT HER, Christina Jennings ('90), PROSECUTOR, Peter Raymont ('88) & Lea Marin ('04); THE TEAM, Peter Raymont
  • Barbara Sears Award for Best Visual Research: INVENTIONS THAT SHOOK THE WORLD, Caitriona Cantillon ('07); WHAT'S IN A NAME?, Jessica Joy Wise ('06)
  • Best Direction in a Comedy Series: TODD AND THE  BOOK OF PURE EVIL, Craig David Wallace ('03)
  • Best Direction in a Dramatic Series: MURDOCH MYSTERIES, Laurie Lynd ('92)
  • Best Picture Editing in Comedy, Variety or Performing Arts Program or Series: CANADA SINGS, Aren Hansen ('06)
  • Best Writing in a Comedy Program or Series: LESS THAN KIND, Jenn Engels ('05); TODD AND THE BOOK OF PURE EVIL, Charles Picco ('03)
  • Best Writing in a Dramatic Series: FLASHPOINT, Aubrey Nealon ('01); BEING ERICA, Jana Sinyor ('01) & Aaron Martin ('00)

In Digital Media:

  • Best Cross-Platform Project - Children's and Youth: PILLARS OF FREEDOM INTERACTIVE, Jonas Diamond ('09), Jeremy Diamond ('97), and Denny Silverthorne ('97); FINDING STUFF OUT ONLINE, Jonas Diamond, Jeremy Diamond, and Denny Silverthorne ; MY BABYSITTER'S A VAMPIRE INTERACTIVE: HUMANS VS. VAMPIRES, James Milward ('05); IN REAL LIFE INTERACTIVE, James Milward; FRANKLIN AND FRIENDS INTERACTIVE, Patricia Lee ('07)
  • Best Cross-Platform Project – Fiction: MURDOCH MYSTERIES: THE CURSE OF THE LOST PHARAOHS, Jay Bennett ('12), Christina Jennings ('90); BOMB GIRLS INTERACTIVE, Susan Alexander ('96), James Milward ('05); ROOKIE BLUE: THE INTERROGATION ROOM, James Milward; DRUNK AND ON DRUGS THE HAPPY FUNTIME HOUR – DIGITAL, Evan Jones ('03); TITANIC - THE ULTIMATE IMMERSIVE EXPERIENCE, Shelley Simmons ('05)
  • Best Cross-Platform Project- Non-Fiction: D-DAY TO VICTORY INTERACTIVE, James Milward ('05)
  • Best Original Program or Series produced for Digital Media – Fiction: GUIDESTONES, Jonas Diamond ('09), Jeremy Diamond ('97), Denny Silverthorne ('97); SPACE JANITORS, Davin Lengyel ('10); WHAT ARE THE SEVENS? James Milward ('05); PRISON DANCER: THE INTERACTIVE WEB MUSICAL, Romeo Candido (‘10)

For a list of current winners, please CLICK HERE

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