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Julien Smith

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Co-founder and CEO


I have spent the past 10 years riding waves of technology as they have grown in importance. This ability to read trends, alongside my ability to express ideas clearly, have allowed me to work with some of the most important names on the web. I have created work that has reached over a million people, in several languages, and made several million dollars in the process for individuals and groups.

My current venture, Breather, is an on-demand space company we built from the ground up starting in 2012. It has been covered by CNN, Fast Company (twice), TechCrunch, The Verge, and a ton of other publications, all unanimously positive. 

As Breather's CEO, I was (and am) responsible for hiring world-class talent, raising funds, directing strategy, finding locations, building partnerships and much more. Breather is currently my #1 priority.

Prior to this, I was (still am) a New York Times bestselling author of business and marketing books. My co-author and myself were among to the first to write books about social media as a phenomenon, and many of the best practices you see in the field were first put on paper by us first.

The first book, Trust Agents, was written with Chris Brogan, was an instant New York Times and Wall Street Journal bestseller and won awards including Amazon and 800 CEO-READ's best books of the year. We also collaborated on another book, The Impact Equation, published in 2012.

My second book, The Flinch, was edited by Seth Godin has been read by 100,000's of people. It was published through his experimental Domino publishing project, a partnership with Amazon, and has remained one of the top downloaded / highlighted books on Kindle since the day it was published.