Edgar Thatcher

Edgar Thatcher

Program Completed at the CFC

TELUS Interactive Art and Entertainment Program

Title of CFC Production Involved In

Conrad the Clown

Completion Year


Current Information

Current Title

Designer, Audio / Visual Technician, Producer


Edgar Thatcher is a unique blend of life experience & converging transferable skills. His education and first steps as a businessman was to “design it and build it”. He was trained at university to be a designer (read problem solver) & he practiced his craft in the US & Canada. Focusing on architectural and landscape architectural projects, he found his own clients, designed for them and then built what he had designed.
His calling was the stage. As a performing artist / audio specialist, he has traveled North America singing his own songs and comedically entertaining young and old. A long list of corporate clients and charitable organizations both national and international, have enjoyed his talents. His natural ability is to produce & technically manage events. As a producer/ tech manager he has pitched, planned, written, budgeted, marketed & managed: Live musical & comedy concerts, corporate events, themed entertainment seasonal events & a multi media variety show tour. Promotional videos & DVD’s, music and comedy CD’s,TV / Radio commercials. Website design, an internet enhanced novel and a prototype for an interactive on line cartoon series 

The convergence.
These seemingly divergent paths makes Edgar a useful resource. He solves problems with insight, efficiency & integrity. His intuition, life experience, listening skills & calm mentoring manner, ensures that people feel relaxed & at their best as they present themselves to any size of audience.
Edgar has worked within a variety of business models; small & family business – government – theme parks – volunteer / charitable organizations; each with a unique voice and rhythm. He sees solutions to challenges in three dimensions – PEOPLE / TALENT - TIME - MATERIALS and is never wasteful of these precious commodities. Producer/technician, designer, & performer all converge to create a unique blend that is, Edgar Thatcher.