Adam Leon

Adam Leon

Program Completed at the CFC

TELUS Interactive Art and Entertainment Program

Title of CFC Production Involved In

subtle social experiment

Completion Year


Current Information

Current Company

Hangar Entertainment

Current Title

Co-Founder, Creative Director


Way back in 1996 I started making graphics for a local ISP and a local online business directory. Since then I've designed and developed, made graphics move and shake, directed artwork, and managed web projects big and small. My educational background is in audio engineering, computer graphics, and interactive multimedia, and a residency at the Canadian Film Centre's new media lab. 

Proudly, I'm Co-founder of AppSeed, From sketch to prototype. Featured in Wired, Forbes, Fast Company. Co-founder of Hangar Entertainment, a new artist management company for a new music industry.

Named as Schools Without Borders' volunteer of the year in 2010 and I'm co-publisher of A FACE A NAME: Artists Doing Well and Good. I've been an instructor of Animation For The Web, Intro to Web Programming, Digital Media Branding Strategies at Humber College. I also love participating in FACTOR Jury sessions, evaluating applications to various FACTOR programs.