Yuxi Wang

Yuxi Wang

Program Completed at the CFC

OCAD U Graduate Program in Digital Futures

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Yuxi Wang graduated from Beijing Normal University ”Digital Media” program. During the four years study in the digital domain, she dedicated herself in finding her “digital creativity”. She interned at Ogilvy and several new media companies in China, and has already taken the leap onto new media industry. She also had experience in digital filmmaking, especially commercial film. In addition to her effort on the digital media field, she has been keeping her eyes on fashion industry since she was a teenager. She expects to devote herself to create the bridge between cutting edge technology and fashion industry, in other words, wearable technology. Now she is perusing further study in OCAD, digital future master program, which perfectly accord with her future direction. She wants to integrate all her interest, and does all she can to bring wearable technology to high fashion field.