Nicole Saltz

Nicole Saltz

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Cineplex Entertainment Film Program (Writers' Lab)

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House of Stories

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CEO and Script Consultant


Born in Johannesburg, South Africa, Nicole and her family moved to Toronto to escape the political turmoil of Apartheid. With a strong interest in social justice, Nicole went on to study documentary filmmaking, and then obtained a Master's degree in Screenwriting from Toronto’s York University. Nicole's currently writes comedy and horror, with a focus on strong (and sometimes terrfiying) female characters. Nicole has worked in development with New York's Goldcrest Films, Toronto's Darius Films, Whizbang Films, and Amaze Film + TV. She also runs her own story editing agency, House of Stories, and has participated in the Praxis 2013 Story Editor Internship in Vancouver. In addition to screenwriting and story editing, Nicole writes personal humour essays. Her work has appeared in Chatelaine Magazine and the Toronto Star, as well as on CBC Radio One's "Live Through This".