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Anne-Marie Gélinas founded EMAfilms in 2008 to produce independent films, documentaries and web-based media projects. She favours powerful and touching stories that target international audiences. In 2011 she completed the France/Canada/Israel co-production « A BOTTLE IN THE GAZA SEA », which was released in theatres in the Spring of 2012 and has won several prestigious prizes at film festivals around the world. Anne-Marie also worked as line-producer on Kim Nguyen’s critically acclaimed « REBELLE », produced by Item7, which premiered at the 2012 Berlinale (World premiere) and Tribeca 2012 (North-American premiere), garnering several prominent awards. In addition, « REBELLE » will represent Canada in the 2013 Oscar nomination race for ‘Best Foreign Language Film’. EMAfilms latest production « MARS & AVRIL », by up-and-coming director Martin Villeneuve, was released in theatres in October 2012. Following it’s world premiere at the distinguished Karlovy Vary 2012, the film has been invited to screen at several esteemed festivals including Mumbai 2012 and Mill Valley 2012, amongst many others. Anne-Marie recently teamed up with producer and cinematographer, Benoît Beaulieu, and together they are undertaking a variety of ambitious projects including a number of fantasy and thriller genre films in 3D, as well as new co-productions with Mexico, France and New Zealand. 

Prior to the establishment of EMA, Anne-Marie was President and Director-General of Productions Jeux d’Ombres, which she co-founded in 1990 after obtaining a Bachelor of Arts from the Concordia University’ reputed Communications program. As the head of Jeux d’Ombres, Anne-Marie produced several narrative feature films which have screened around the world, including « ZIGRAIL » by André Turpin (1995), « LE GOÛT DES JEUNES FILLES » written by Dany Laferrière and directed by John L’Écuyer (2004), « THESE GIRLS » by John Hazlett (2005) and « WHERE ARE YOU GOING MOSHÉ? » by Hassan Benjelloun (2007). She also produced critically acclaimed documentaries such as « L’ESPOIR AU CŒUR DU GHETTO » by Peter Farbridge (2003) and « LE DOIGT DANS L’ŒIL » by Julien Fréchette (2007) as well as the tv travel series « H A K U N A M A T A T A » (2007). Anne-Marie has also completed an Advanced Graduate Diploma in Management of Cultural Organizations from HEC Montreal. Since 2008, Anne-Marie has programmed and organized monthly film screenings in Villeray, which aim to promote Quebecois talent. Gélinas participates regularly in the negotiation of a number of collective agreements for the Association des producteurs de film et de télévision du Québec (APFTQ) and has sat on the Board of Directors of prominent institutions such as Women in Film and Television – Montreal (WIFTM) and Cinéma Parallèle. For the latter, Anne-Marie headed the organization of the institution’s 30th and 40th anniversaries in 1997 and 2007 respectively.