Tyler Levine

Tyler Levine

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Cineplex Entertainment Film Program (Producers' Lab), CFC Features

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22 Chaser - Development

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Carousel Pictures

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Canadian born writer/producer Tyler Levine’s career highlights include penning two dramatic feature films, Bitten (2008) starring Jason Mewes and UKM (2006) with Michael Madsen, producing the Hot Docs winning The Bodybuilder and I (2009) and being nominated for a Genie for producing the dark comedy short Choke in 2004. Levine was also on the Genie selection committee for documentaries in 2008. Levine’s recent films have received significant international acclaim – The First Anders (2010) which the Canadian Film Centre Producers’ Lab (2004) graduate wrote has won best short film in festival awards in Australia, Spain and the United States and the short animated documentary The Island, which Levine produced, premiered at the Berlinale in 2009 and won a best picture award in Switzerland. Prior to entering the film world, Levine spent five years as a writer/producer for the international documentary TV series Fashion Television which covers the world of fashion, architecture, industrial design and photography.