James Linderman

James Linderman

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James Linderman
Owner, theharmonyhouse In studio and Skype guitar teacher

James Linderman lives and works at theharmonyhouse, a music lesson, songwriting and recording preproduction facility in Newmarket, Ontario. James teaches guitar in studio and to students all over the world over Skype.

In April of 2006 James was selected for a 21 member, international, off campus, academic advisory board for The Berklee School of Music in Boston known as Berkleemusic Ambassadors focusing on adapting Berklee’s campus courses into their online school and representing and promoting Berkleemusic at music events and conferences. In the summer of 2007 James was named Berkleemusic’s Worship Music Advisor.

For 3 years James was the co-moderator of the CCM Club at SongU, a Nashville based songwriting resource and is a patron and contributor to the James Linderman Wing, a wing of their academic resource library recently named for him.

James has been a freelance lead guitarist for TACF, Tehillah Toronto Worship Band, Missionfest, GOHOP, and DHOP. He was the worship team electric lead guitarist for the Global Day of Prayer celebrations at The Air Canada Centre in Toronto in 2006 with an in-house audience of 19,300 and an estimated global satellite attendance of over 7 million.

James cowrote a song in 2004 that was on hold for Bonnie Raitt called “Completely Yours”, and cowrote “Lead Me There” for Stephanie Israelson which received airplay in the UK and the US and on Canadian Christian radio where it was a #1 single, ranked in the top 50 Christian songs for airplay in 2006 and stayed in the top 10 through most of 2007. James wrote “Life is Made for This” for recording artist Andy Taylor which charted across Canada in the top 10 in 2008 and in 2010 charted again with “I Run to You”, a top 10 single for Miranda Fox. James also co-wrote “Home” with Katie Workman which was signed to a single song publishing deal with Next Number One in Nashville. As well James just completed a 5 year partnership with Life 100.3 Christian radio.