​MOLLY MAXWELL to Screen at TIFF Next Wave Film Festival

By CFC Staff January 22, 2013 22:00

After winning over audiences at the Palm Springs International Film Festival, MOLLY MAXWELL will be making its Canadian Premiere at the 2013 TIFF Next Wave Film Festival in Toronto on February 16 at 7 pm.

MOLLY MAXWELL is written and directed by Sara St. Onge, produced by Aeschylus Poulos, John Nadalin, and Mark Van de Ven, and edited by Stephen Philipson ('02). Starring are Lola Tash, CFC Actors Conservatory alumnus Charlie Carrick ('11), Krista Bridges, and Rob Stewart.

In an alternative school world of prodigies, talents, and unique individuals, Molly Maxwell (Tash) feels decidedly ordinary. With family and friends eagerly waiting to see how she distinguishes herself, she finds herself unable to commit to any path for fear she'll let the world down. When her young, handsome, slightly disillusioned English teacher (Carrick) enters the picture and relieves the pressure, Molly is suddenly able to flourish. But when their student-teacher bond becomes more intimate, Molly risks alienating everyone she loves on the road to figuring out just what makes her special.

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