​Variety on Board as Media Partner for Telefilm Canada Feature Comedy Exchange

By CFC Staff November 09, 2012 17:00

CFC is delighted to announce that Variety joins Telefilm Canada andJust For Laughs in support of the Telefilm Canada Feature Comedy Exchange as its official media partner. Recognized and respected throughout the world of show business, Variety is the premier source of entertainment news.

"Since Variety has been in the business of covering comedy for 107 years, we clearly know the important role that comedy content creation continues to play in the global entertainment universe," says Steven Gaydos, executive editor, Variety. "We also know the role that Canadian entertainment industry figures have historically played in the development of what's called 'Hollywood,' as well as the vibrancy of the current Canadian creative scene. The Telefilm Canada Feature Comedy Exchange is the most natural place for Variety to serve as a connecting point between North and South and also as an enthusiastic supporter of this great – and very funny – enterprise."

The Telefilm Canada Feature Comedy Exchange, a CFC North South Marketplace Initiative in collaboration with Just for Laughs, is a high-level creative and business catalyst for producers with feature comedy projects.

“The Canadian Film Centre's partnership with Variety for the Comedy Exchange reflects our mandate to promote awareness and marketplace support of Canadian content,” said Sheila de la Varende, Telefilm's Director of Industry Promotion. “This new relationship will support the initiative in positioning homegrown talent and projects within the international entertainment business community.”

"Being in the business of making people laugh, we see the connection between comedy and movies, first hand. Many of today's greatest comedy stars, screenwriters, and directors have emerged from the world of stand-up," says Bruce Hills, COO, Just For Laughs. “CFC and Telefilm Canada have long understood this, and by adding Variety to our evolving partnership, the Comedy Exchange will gain unprecedented visibility within the industry. We are thrilled to once again be part of this great initiative to train and develop great Canadian film talent."

The Comedy Exchange brokers relationships between Canadian talent and key comedy decision makers while increasing marketplace opportunities for Canadian content internationally.

The first module of the Comedy Exchange runs from November 26 - 28, 2012 in Toronto. Participating teams and their feature film projects will be announced shortly.