​Daniel Perlmutter Mentored by Eugene Levy

By CFC Staff August 24, 2012 16:00

Eugene Levy and Daniel Perlmutter at a Telefilm Canada Features Comedy Lab event.

In May, it was announced that Canadian comedy legend Eugene Levy was set to mentor filmmaker Daniel Perlmutter through the 2012 Governor General's Performing Arts Awards Mentorship Program. Levy and Perlmutter first met at the CFC through the 2011 Telefilm Canada Features Comedy Lab where Levy acts as Chair and where Perlmutter was workshopping his feature script FIT TO PRINTThe Keg Spirit Foundation created an extraordinary opportunity for Eugene and Daniel to work closely together on the FIT TO PRINT script over the summer. Levy not only provided detailed script notes but also invaluable advice on the nature of comedy, character development and the writing process. Read their interview with the The Globe and Mail, and watch the video.

"The Governor General's Mentorship Program, made possible by The Keg Spirit Foundation, has been an incredible opportunity for me. Offering me the chance to work with a comic legend like Eugene Levy has been immeasurably rewarding. He's been a huge influence on me personally, from my childhood obsession with SCTV, to my love of the films he made with Christopher Guest. To have him sit down with me and give his feedback on FIT TO PRINT, the feature film project I'm working on, is a real thrill and hugely valuable.

He's pushed me to dig deeper into the script and the characters and has challenged me to “always work at the top of my intelligence,” a mantra he's worked by, and one that I hope to be able to stick to. He's also someone who knows when a joke or a gag is going to work, or when it's going to fall flat. Eugene brings his years of experience to the table every time we meet. What's really been amazing is how he's opened my eyes to so many opportunities for humor and for emotional depth in the project. Having the chance to get that kind of feedback from someone I find so funny, and whose work I respect so much, is a really rare and wonderful thing. Working in the arts in this country can be a struggle, but to have a mentor opportunity like this has been a huge advantage. I thank the National Arts Centre, The Keg Spirit Foundation & CFC for making it happen."

Daniel Perlmutter, Writer/Director – FIT TO PRINT