​CFC at Sundance Film Festival

By CFC Staff January 23, 2012 17:00

CFC would like to congratulate its alumni currently at the Sundance Film Festival:

Attending through the CFC Sundance Festival Pass Program are Jason James ('09), with his film THAT BURNING FEELING and Lauren Grant ('06) with her film GET HAPPY.

In THAT BURNING FEELING, Adam Murphy thought he had it all: a thriving career as a corporate attorney, an incredible quality of life, an endless parade of gorgeous women, and the charm to make it all look well-earned. One night Adam went to bed with everything he ever wanted, and woke up with the one thing nobody ever wants...Gonorrhea doesn't have to be a life-changer, but what starts off as a painful (mis)- diagnosis for the golden boy, triggers a series of events that throws his entire sense of self into question.

GET HAPPY shows us that whoever said "In seeking happiness for others, you find it for yourself" was a real jerk!

Recently graduated, Dean Melnychuck is stuck back at his parents' home because his mother has gone middle-aged crazy and “buzzed off” to Australia. When his shallow girlfriend decides to take off to Europe without him, Dean's left holding down the suburban fort and ineffectively playing mother to his teenage sister and his floundering father. After months of no mother, no girlfriend, false starts and ending up back at his high school part-time job, Dean sees his future slipping away. To make everything worse, his best friend is hitting on his sister and taking his dad out to bars – Dean is the only one not getting any action. Dean realizes, with the help of his one remaining friend, pretty Japanese exchange student Tomoko, that he needs to stop being a doormat and open the door that's in front of him. The end is only the beginning for Dean as he finally rolls the dice on life.

China Heavyweight

Yung Chang

('09), will have the World Premiere of his documentary CHINA HEAVYWEIGHT,which explores that southwestern China, state athletic coaches scour the countryside to recruit poor, rural teenagers who demonstrate a natural ability to throw a good punch.


Nicholas de Pencier
('97), serves as cinematographer on PAYBACK, a documentary adaptation of Margaret Atwood's book examining the metaphor of indebtedness.