CFC Actors’ Conservatory Alumnus Giacomo Gianniotti Joins the Cast of ABC’s new comedy Selfie

By CFC Staff August 20, 2014 15:00

Congratulations to CFC Actors’ Conservatory alumnus Giacomo Gianniotti (’13) who has landed a recurring role on ABC’s new comedy Selfie.

Gianniotti stars alongside Karen Gillan and John Cho, playing a young lawyer who is a major shareholder at the company where Gillan and Cho’s characters work.

Selfie comments on the likes of today’s self-obsessed Gen-Y, focusing on the twenty-something Eliza Dooley (Karen Gillan) who realizes one day that her tweets and selfies aren’t as important as having real friends.

Selfie is set to premiere on Saturday, September 20, 2014 at 8 p.m. ET.