2014 Payback Awards

By CFC Staff June 04, 2014 20:00

"CFC introduced the Payback Awards 19 years ago as a way of recognizing some outstanding individuals for their contributions. All of the CFC productions are produced with incredible generosity from our cast & crew, donated goods & services from top production & post suppliers, and the unions & guilds. We are incredibly thankful that our community continues to make significant personal and corporate commitment to our training – we simply could not deliver all that we do without your support.

We are proud that Playback has supported these awards for 15 years, sharing CFC’s belief that this kind of volunteerism and dedication needs to be acknowledged in a way that spotlights those outstanding individuals furthering their own professional profile within our industry." - Kathryn Emslie, Chief Programs Officer

The 2014 Payback Award recipients are:

Natasha Lawlor: This Newfoundland native went beyond the call of duty as the Production Manager on HAILSTORM. She handled the most difficult of situations with extreme delicacy. We believe Natasha is on her way to becoming a star Production Manager!

Alex Poutiainen: This gaffer has put in 198 volunteer hours with the CFC this year alone. He has has a sparkling personality, strong mentorship skills and sets a great example.

Gus Harris: Since last July, Gus has volunteered over 348 hours on our productions. He is unflappable and extremely dependable. He brings his grounded energy to every shoot and he is an amazing sound recordist.

Our PAYBACK Industry Award goes to Stephanie Fagan from Panavision Canada.

Stephanie exceeded our expectations, accommodating all of our films’ demands. She goes out of her way to make sure the teams have access to the best camera equipment she can get us. She doesn’t miss a call and is always ready with solutions. Her work ethic and desire to deliver the highest quality are what make her our 4th Payback award recipient.

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