Alumni Films Honoured with Awards at the 2014 Toronto International Film Festival

By Cory Angeletti-Szasz ● September 15, 2014 13:00

CFC extends our congratulations to alumni Jeffrey St. Jules (’04) and Randall Okita (’09, ’10) on their awards received at the 39th Toronto International Film Festival®, which were announced on Sunday, September 14, 2014.

Jeffrey St. Jules was awarded The City of Toronto Award for Best Canadian First Feature Film for his film Bang Bang Baby. The jury remarked, “For its ingenious mixing of genres, sophisticated blend of tones and ability to create its own strange, tragicomic and original world without sacrificing any richness in regards to story, character and emotion, the jury recognizes as Best Canadian First Feature Film Bang Bang Baby by Jeffrey St. Jules.” The award carries a cash prize of $15,000.

Randall Okita was the winner of the Vimeo Award for Best Canadian Short Film for The Weatherman and the Shadowboxer. The jury remarked, “For its bold blend of live action and digital animation to produce a striking meditation on the nature of memory and its legacy, the jury awards the Vimeo Award for Best Canadian Short Film to Randall Okita’s The Weatherman and the Shadowboxer.” The award offers a $10,000 cash prize.

Additionally, CFC is proud to congratulate alumnus Rob Grant ('13), whose short film WHAT DOESN’T KILL YOU, created through the Short Dramatic Film Program, received an honourable mention from the jury who remarked, “For its entirely unexpected development of a science fiction high concept into something alternately heartbreaking and humorous, the jury gives an honourable mention to Rob Grant’s What Doesn't Kill You.”

Congratulations to all of this year’s award winners.

Watch the video below for Rob Grant's commentary on To Be Continued...., the feature length version of his short film WHAT DOESN'T KILL YOU.

Cory Angeletti-Szasz

Manager, Communications