Exclusive first peek of the Ron Howard and Brian Grazer project, The Incubator, part of Buffer Festival Industry Day

By CFC Staff October 03, 2014 00:40

New Form Digital, the studio formed by Discovery Communications, Ron Howard and Brian Grazer, will be hosting a special screening featuring films from their first creative venture, New Form Incubator, as part of the inaugural Buffer Festival Industry Day.

The venture encompasses the development of fourteen short films with popular Youtube content creators. The fourteen shorts, which are all based on the theme of curiosity, were created and produced by some of the most successful YouTube personalities and represents how New Form Digital is redefining cinematic storytelling in the digital landscape. The Incubator shorts will be distributed through each partner’s YouTube channel, with the possibility of extended content deals and expanded distribution across global platforms. All films will also be available to view in a playlist hosted on Mitchell Davis, a popular YouTube vlogger’s channel livelavalive.

The screening takes place at 8pm on October 16, 2014 at the Tiff Bell Lightbox and will cap a jam-packed day of sessions and networking at Canada’s first major YouTube conference, Buffer Festival Industry Day, presented by the CFC Media Lab.

All registered attendees of Buffer Festival Industry Day will be provided guest access to the screening and are encouraged to book tickets now to avoid disappointment.

There will also be a red carpet with filmmakers that starts at 7pm and a Q&A with the creators.

Films will be presented from a number of creators, including:

  • Bertie Gilbert
  • PJ Liguori (KickthePJ)
  • Tim Hautekeit
  • Craig Benzine (WheezyWaiter)
  • 5 Second Films
  • Sawyer Hartman
  • Meghan Camarena (Strawburry17)
  • Yulin Kuang
  • Tony Velenzuela (Blackbox TV)
  • Mitchell Davis

You can also catch these filmmaker’s at Buffer Festival, running October 17-19th, Toronto.