Cineplex Entertainment Film Program Residents Showcase Their Feature Stories Through Promo Pieces

By Cory Angeletti-Szasz ● December 11, 2014 15:30

Cineplex Entertainment Film Program Showcase
TIFF Bell Lightbox
Wednesday, December 10, 2014

The past five-and-a-half months have been intense and challenging for the 19 residents who participated in the Cineplex Entertainment Film Program. MOTION, a Writers’ Lab resident, describes her experience in the program as, "Intense. Insightful. Inspiring. [...] From deepening connections to a world of filmmakers, to expanding my own writer's voice, and building strategies to realize our creative visions, it has been great to collaborate with these talented directors, producers, actors, composers and editors in the program. Most especially, the Writers' Lab has been a collective of challenge and support, as we delve into the souls of these stories that will live on the screen.”

Since the beginning of the program on July 7, 2014, these talented and diverse filmmakers have been encouraged to take creative risks, they have strengthened their entrepreneurial skills, deepened their understanding of the marketplace, gained access to mentors, advisors and industry professionals from around the globe, and have developed unique and original feature projects along with a host of produced content to add to their portfolios. “My biggest take away from the Producers’ Lab is the fantastic people I've met while a resident at the CFC. Not just the now personal relationships with industry veterans who gave us so much through their mentorship, but also my fellow residents who I've already begun to collaborate with on our takeover of the film and television industry,” said Marc Tetreault, a Producers’ Lab resident.

On Wednesday, December 10, 2014 the CFC screened 15 promo pieces to a packed audience at the annual film showcase event held at TIFF Bell Lightbox. The pieces spanned a wide range of genres, including dark comedy, drama, foreign language drama, romantic and teen comedy, among others. The 19 promos were diverse in tone, characters and story, and illustrated the range of creative voices and talent of this year’s filmmakers. The pieces also showcased the talent of the CFC’s actors and Slaight music creators both past and current, once again underscoring how much cross-disciplinary collaboration is happening across CFC programs.

As Kathryn Emslie, CFC’s Chief Programs Officer, welcomed guests to the Showcase event, she shared that, “I am confident about the contributions these filmmakers will make to the industry. Since the Cineplex Entertainment Film Program began, our alumni have created over 880 features and TV Movies, worked on 930 TV shows and launched 102 production companies. Our alumni have managed to turn passion and creativity into smart business.” The 2014 Cineplex Entertainment Film Program alone produced more than 90 productions, saw 126 guests and mentors, packaged 25 projects and forged countless creative partnerships.

The 2014 filmmakers behind these productions are Fernando Arrioja, Reza Dahya, Sherren Lee, Michael Mazzuca and Jonathan Watton from the Directors’ Lab; Jessica Adams, Brendan Brady, Lora Campbell, Kat Hidalgo and Marc Tetreault from the Producers' Lab; Anar Ali, Kathleen Hepburn, Joel Thomas Hynes, Lisa Rose Snow and MOTION from the Writers' Lab; and Alex Brueckner, John Nicholls, Simone Smith and Rich Williamson from the Editors' Lab.

These 19 filmmakers will officially complete the Cineplex Entertainment Film Program on Friday, December 12, 2014. We wish them much success in their exciting careers ahead, and look forward to seeing the work they create!

"Through all of the industry events, screenings, interviews, case studies, guests and production exercises – the CFC has taken 19 strangers and made them a family. […] I can’t tell you much I’m going to miss my time here.” – John Nicholls, Editors’ Lab

CFC would also like to acknowledge all of the volunteers who helped make all of our productions and these showcase pieces a reality. Each year, hundreds of volunteers donate their time, energy and skills to CFC Productions to help us create original and inspiring content. Over the past six months, 900 volunteers have worked tirelessly to help us on 40 different film shoots. On Monday, December 8, at the Royal Theatre in Toronto, CFC honoured four key volunteers at a special cast and crew screening of the five cross-collaborative STORY pieces created by the 2014 residents of the Cineplex Entertainment Film Program. The CFC presented Eric Campbell, Cailin Bator, Kyle Mitchell and Natalie Beiruti with Volunteer Appreciation Awards for going the extra mile onset during shoots. CFC extends our deepest thanks to Eric, Cailin, Kyle, Natalie and all of our Production volunteers for their hard work, enthusiasm and dedication.

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You could become a resident of the Cineplex Entertainment Film Program!

Application information is now available for the 2015 cohort of the Cineplex Entertainment Film Program. The applications open on Monday, January 5, 2015 and the deadline is Monday, January 26, 2015. The program start date is July 6, 2015 and it runs until December 11, 2015.

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