CIFF 2015 Hosts Several Alumni Films, Including 'The Messenger'

By Emily Gagne ● August 19, 2015 17:05

A Christmas Horror Story

The Calgary International Film Festival (CIFF) has announced its full line-up. We are pleased to announce that several alumni are involved in films screening throughout the festival. 

Black Carpet Gala

A Christmas Horror Story – directed by Grant Harvey, Brett Sullivan, Steven Hoban, written by Jason Filiatrault and Pascal Trottier, produced by Steven Hoban and edited by Brett Sullivan

Alberta Sprit Gala (short films)

Markowsky Draws in a Fighter Plane – directed by Michael Peterson

Headliner Series

Beeba Boys (Deepa Mehta, director) – featuring Actors Conservatory alumni Sarah Allen, Gabe Grey, and current actor resident Gia Sandhu

Canadian Series

Closet Monster - directed by Stephen Dunn

End of Days, Inc. - edited by John Nicholls, written by Christina Ray

The Forbidden Room - produced by David Christensen

How to Plan an Orgy in a Small Town - produced by Jordan Walker

Remember - produced by Paula Devonshire, music composed by Slaight Music Composer Chair Mychael Danna

The Saver - produced by Aisling Chin-YeeJohn Christou 

Sleeping Giant – executive produced by Aeschylus Poulos

Documentary Series

Guantanamo’s Child: Omar Khadr– executive produced by Peter Raymont

The Messenger - directed by Su Rynard, developed through the NFB/CFC Creative Doc Lab 

Michael Shannon Michael Shannon John - produced by Nick de Pencier 

The Ninth Floor - directed by Mina Shum, edited by Carole Larsen

CIFF is a 12-day showcase of over 200 multi-genre films from Canada and more than 40 other countries. 

CLICK HERE for the full list of films. 

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