​Daniel Perlmutter, Judy Holm and Michael McNamara Launch IndieGoGo Campaign for film, Big News From Grand Rock

By CFC Staff August 23, 2013 16:00

Writer/director Daniel Perlmutter's ('11) first feature length film, BIG NEWS FROM GRAND ROCK needs your help. Perlmutter, along with producing team Judy Holm ('11) and Michael McNamara ('11) have launched an IndieGoGo campaign to raise additional funds for the former Telefilm Canada Features Comedy Lab supported project (then titled “Fit to Print”).

BIG NEWS FROM GRAND ROCK tells the story of Leonard Crane, the editor of The Grand Rock Weekly Ledger, a small town newspaper that's on the brink of bankruptcy. Desperate to save his paper, Leonard takes a drastic step: he starts making up stories, passing off the plots of old movies as local news. But things go from bad to worse when one of his stories attracts the attention of a big city reporter.

Perlmutter, Holm and McNamara were all participants of the 2011 Telefilm Canada Features Comedy Lab.

To contribute, please CLICK HERE.