​Telefilm Canada Announces Names of 15 finalists of Micro-Budget Production Program for 2014-2015

By CFC Staff April 25, 2014 12:00

Telefilm Canada announced the finalists for its 2014-2015 Micro-Budget Production Program. The 15 emerging talents, including three Aboriginal filmmakers, come from all regions of the country. This is the second edition of filmmakers selected as finalists of this initiative created in June 2012. Telefilm will contribute up to $1.5 million to this year's program.

The Micro-Budget Production Program supports new filmmakers seeking to produce their first feature-length films, with an emphasis on the use of digital platforms for distribution and marketing. Candidates for this year's program were recommended to Telefilm through a network of 32 institutional partners from the film education and training community across Canada.

Our selection for the program is The Lockpicker by Randall Okita ('09) (director/producer) and Robert Fisher ('09) (producer).

After the death of a friend, teen thief Hashi fantasizes about getting out of town. When his younger sister and his close friend are victimized by violence, Hashi is forced to choose between fighting back and becoming what he fears, or saving himself and leaving behind everyone and everything he knows.

Randall Lloyd Okita is a Canadian filmmaker whose work often incorporates elements of sculpture, drama and rich, often surreal, cinematography. His films have won national and international acclaim and have been broadcast and screened at festivals around the world. Machine with Wishbone (TIFF 2008) uses kinetic sculpture to tell the story of a determined wishbone on an impossible journey. Fish in Barrel (TIFF 2009) took the cameras underwater and incorporated ultra slow-motion and wire work stunts to create a portrait of a man struggling with his inner demons. For No Contract (2011 FNC), the stunts included spectacular full-body burns and wire work to tell a story of danger and urgency. Randall created an original glass installation to show a man's journey from destruction to restorative actions for his short Portrait as a Random Act of Violence (TIFF 2013). Randall is an alumnus of CFC's Cineplex Entertainment Film Program Directors' Lab and The Berlinale Talent Lab and is also acting Program Director for Presenting Our Vision, a registered charity and training network dedicated to exposing youth to filmmaking.

To learn more about the program and the other finalists,CLICK HERE.