​Four CFC Short Films to Screen at Worldfest Houston

By CFC Staff March 25, 2013 20:00

Four CFC Short Dramatic Films have been selected to screen at the 46th annual Worldfest Houston, April 12-21.

RATTAN and RISHI'S WORLD will have their world premiere in Houston, while FROST and THE OFFERING continue their festival run.

Rishi is 10 and has spent his whole life locked in a windowless room with his mother and sister. They're prisoners of his father, but Rishi doesn't realize this. For him, life is normal. When his sister falls suddenly ill, Rishi escapes and his world is flipped inside out.

RISHI'S WORLD is directed by Svjetlana Jaklenec ('11), produced by Laura Perlmutter ('11) and Andrew Nicholas McCann Smith, written by Megan Wennberg ('11) and edited by Richard Mandin ('11).

In RATTAN, a wicker rattan bicycle basket is possessed by the spirit of a murderous pimp looking to get revenge on the hooker who killed him. During its journey, the basket attempts to kill those who get in its way including a bike thief, an office worker and a baby!

RATTAN is directed by Samuel Kiehoon Lee ('11), produced by Laura Perlmutter ('11), written by Sara Mitchell ('11) and Surita Parmar ('11) and edited by Heath Fashina ('11).

THE OFFERING tells the story of a bereaved Doctor who forms an unlikely relationship with a family of starving vampires. When it becomes increasingly difficult for him to provide for them, the Doctor sets about doing whatever it takes to stay part of this new family.

THE OFFERING is directed by Christian Sparks ('11), produced byChris Agoston ('11) and Sandra Paolucci ('11), written by Jane Maggs ('11) and edited by Luke Sargent ('11).

FROST tells the story of Naya, a young arctic hunter who longs for her father's recognition as a capable disciple. When a season of scarcity threatens their family, she embarks on a perilous search for food beyond the perimeter of their ancestral hunting grounds. Out there at the edge of the ice floes, Naya makes an astonishing discovery: a strange world beyond her ability to comprehend... and a dangerous predator that may be beyond her ability to survive.

FROST is directed/written by Jeremy Ball ('11), produced by Lauren Grant ('06), co-produced by Robert Munroe (CFC Board Member), and edited by Richard Mandin ('11). FROST won the Canadian Screen Award for Best Live Action Short Drama at the inaugural Canadian Screen Awards earlier in 2013.

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