Holiday Reflections from CFC Media Lab

By CFC Staff December 20, 2017 14:30

Heart of Stars | Vanessa Shaver, Tsu-Ching Yu

Peaceful Holidays

Peaceful Holidays seem to be what everyone wants these days. Let’s just say 2017 hasn’t been the most relaxing of years. We’ve never been more glued to our screens, but feeling more disconnected from each other. Yet carry on we must, to make changes for our communities, our work and ourselves. 

This year, with the help of Dr. Patricia Rockman, Co-founder of the  Centre for Mindfulness Studies, CFC Media Lab offers you the gift of reconnecting to your intentions and breath, so that we all may reconnect with each other more meaningfully. 

Here’s to getting our warrior selves ready for 2018. 

CFC Media Lab | IDEABOOST Team

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