​MOLLY MAXWELL Wins Youth Jury Prize at BUFF

By CFC Staff March 18, 2013 16:00

MOLLY MAXWELL, the 19th feature film developed and produced through CFC Features, has been selected for the Youth Jury Prize for Best Youth Film at the BUFF International Children and Young People's Film Festival in Malmö, Sweden. Producer Mark Van de Ven was on hand to accept the award.

The Youth Jury Prize is the singular award chosen by jury of over 30 teenagers. MOLLY was selected from eight films in competition, including Bernardo Bertolucci's Me & You and Rufus Norris' Broken. Speaking on their motivation for selecting MOLLY MAXWELL, the jury commented:

"It's a carefully prepared film for young people with an interesting and realistic theme which appeals to the audience. In spite of the serious and somewhat unusual subject the film also has a bright side, which makes it easy to relate to."

"The modern music is a complement to both the plot, the characters and the settings and thus creates an emotional bond to the spectators"

MOLLY MAXWELL opens theatrically in Toronto at the Carlton Cinemaon April 19.

At Phoenix Progressive School, where everyone tries to outdo each other with creative self-expression, 16-year-old Molly Maxwell would rather be invisible than risk revealing herself as completely ordinary. When her young, handsome, disillusioned English teacher enters the picture and allows her to just be herself, Molly is suddenly able to flourish. As their student-teacher bond becomes more intimate, she begins putting herself on the line in unexpected ways while pursuing what she wants. But with each awkward, beautiful step towards an impossible romance, Molly risks alienating everyone she loves.

Executive Produced by the CFC's Justine Whyte, MOLLY MAXWELL is written and directed by Sara St. Onge, produced by Aeschylus Poulos, John Nadalin and Mark Van de Ven, and edited by Stephen Philipson ('02). Starring are Lola Tash, CFC Actors Conservatory alumnus Charlie Carrick ('11), Krista Bridges and Rob Stewart.

Distribution of MOLLY MAXWELL is being handled in Canada and internationally by Entertainment One.

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