​CFC Welcomes Four New Productions to the 2013 Short Dramatic Film Program

By CFC Staff February 26, 2013 17:00

Production is underway with teams' shorts selected for the 2013 Short Dramatic Film Program:

Anatomy of Assistance
The film is a satirical look at minority assistance programs. It takes place in present day at a school and on the street in the low-income community surrounding the school. The film mainly takes place during the course of a day where the main character, Talia, has received an "assistance cheque" from her guidance counselor. Talia challenges the reasons for her receiving the money. The film is a trajectory of the money as it changes hands through the neighbourhood.

Director: Cory Bowles
Producer: Lauren Corber
Writer: John Titley
Editor: Jordan Crute

Cold Feet
In a restaurant two men struggle to get rid of a dead body and try to force the other to cut up the body. Through this gruesome task the two men explore their power dynamic and their vulnerability.

Director: Daniel D'Alimonte
Producer: Lyvia Cohen
Writers: John Ainslie and John Titley
Editor: Jordan Crute

Lunchbox Loser
When Natasha is humiliated by the most popular girls in school for the contents of her lunchbox, she retaliates against the cool kids using tactics inspired by Sun Tzu's The Art of War. But when it comes to lunchtime politics: are they always about what you eat? Lunch Box Loser is a black comedy set in the mid-90's. It chronicles a week of trials and tribulations of Natasha, an 11 year old who tries to become popular and learns that if she doesn't own who she is, she'll have to eat shit.

Director: Virginia Abramovich
Producers: Ani Baravyan and Lauren Corber
Writer: Chandler Levack
Editor: Jeremy Schaulin-Rioux

We Wanted More
We Wanted More is a psychological fever dream about a breakout indie-rock singer who loses her voice days before her first big tour and discovers it in the possession of a 6-year-old child who mysteriously appears in her apartment. At the core of the film is ghost story in which an ambitious young artist, struggling to balance her professional and personal life, spends one night living the life of domesticity she chose to ignore.

Director: Stephen Dunn
Producer: Jennifer Shin
Writers: Stephen Dunn and Margaret Lester
Editor: Bryan Atkinson

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