George Pimentel


Let the implantations begin. Of the thousands from around the world who registered for Body/Mind/Change, the elaborate multi-media production starring David Cronenberg, 1,466 hosts have been selected to receive their next generation bio-tech recommendation engine implant, called Personal-On-Demand (POD).

POD™ (a 3D-printed object) is only given to selected participants who complete and master the three-part episodic narrative experience found at It is the first product from BMC Labs, a fictional biotech firm which has partnered with David Cronenberg to develop bio-tech enhancement implants inspired by the intellectual property found in his films such as Scanners, Videodrome, andeXistenZ, With a total running time of 60 minutes,

Body/Mind/Change is the only interactive narrative that generates a 3D-printed object based on the user's specific journey through the experience.

The digital extension to TIFF's David Cronenberg: Evolution exhibition, which ended its successful run in Toronto on January 19, Body/Mind/Change has also completed its 1st Wave POD™ Host training program and will be announcing its 2nd wave call for hosts in late spring.

“Body/Mind/Change was a huge success, attracting participants from around the world with Toronto, Moscow, London, Los Angeles and New York as the top five cities with the largest number of POD hosts, and extending the physical David Cronenberg exhibition to those who were unable to visit TIFF Bell Lightbox in Toronto. This was a big investment on their parts as it required sustained interest in the episodic experience amounting to over 60 minutes of active engagement in order to create their customized POD,” said Ana Serrano, Canadian Film Centre's Chief Digital Officer and producer, Body/Mind/Change.

Here is a video of one of the first POD implantations, which took place at the BMC Labs installation, located on the 4th floor of TIFF Bell Lightbox in Toronto as part of the David Cronenberg: Evolution exhibition: