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Thursday, April 9, 2020

As the pandemic continues to unfold, we continue to support our hundreds of emerging digital content creators, digital media practitioners, women entrepreneurs, service-based companies and allies of the CFC Media Lab community.

This second compilation of COVID-19 Response Resources offers relevant perspectives and guides to support you and your company. It also celebrates more ways that our community is offering value to its audiences during this global emergency.

In this update you will find new:

  • Useful Insights
  • Support and Tools
  • Community Activities

Please do not hesitate to connect with us at with any questions, feedback or ideas related to how we can support you.


The CFC Media Lab Team


These insights and perspectives from diverse leaders have been compiled to offer you thinking tools, as the pandemic impacts both the short- and long-term trajectory of our ecosystems.
3-Part Webinar Series - Navigating the New Normal Webinar: Part 2

Did you miss part 2 of our 3-Part Webinar Series? We explored specific ways that we can live through this pandemic by examining what some companies are already doing in response, and what the first 100 days of this reality could look like. Moderated by Ana Serrano (CDO, CFC) and Aaron Williamson (Founder, Goal17 and CFC Media Lab Faculty member), with speakers including Petra-Kassun Mutch (Founder, LiisBeth), Erin Millar (Founder, The Discourse), and Warren Coughlin (Mentor, IDEABOOST). 

Watch it HERE. Read about the insights we covered on Part 1 and Part 2 HERE.

3-Part Webinar Series - Navigating the New Normal Webinar: Part 3

Join us for the final edition of this three-part webinar series, where we explore the "New Social Contract" scenario. We will provide tools to help you make decisions that allow people to co-create in this new world order. These decisions will never be perfect, but the panel will discuss how we actually make them against a set of values and drivers which may compete with each other. Moderated by Ana Serrano (CDO, CFC) and Aaron Williamson (Founder, Goal17 and CFC Media Lab Faculty member), with guest Suzanne Stein (OCAD).

Perspectives on the new and existing businesses that will grow in the entertainment industry’s ‘new normal (The Hollywood Reporter)

Steps that organizations can take to inject long-term thinking into the short-term crisis recovery (The Correspondent)

Perspectives on best practices for founders in the wake of COVID-19, assembled via several venture partners. This resource covers insights that include how to manage high risk and uncertainty and how to approach worst-case scenario planning.

Direct advice on how to keep your startup alive during the pandemic (CoinDesk)

Lessons on resiliency from Bob Moore - a founder that built startups in 2008, 2016 and 2018 (First Round Review)

Perspective on necessary public and private responses to the pandemic, which are useful to consider when developing scenarios that your business may encounter (CIGI Online)


We compiled these guides to support your decision making during the pandemic - from cuts and pivots to your business, to decisions tied to internal and external communications.


Leaders in our community are growing their impact on our industry, even during the pandemic. Here are a few ways that they are helping:

Fifth Wave Connect company NeedsList has a plan for how we can join together to build a resilient response network to tackle COVID-19

Fifth Wave Labs Cohort 1 company EssayJack is extending their free trial so that secondary and post-secondary learners and educators (or their parents) can easily sign up and write English-language academic texts with their patented and award-winning structural support. Read more on EssayJack's response to COVID-19 here.

IDEABOOST Cohort 7 company The Discourse is planning to amplify stories happening in communities across Canada that are not making it into our national media, such as how resilient organizations and communities are finding creative solutions that make our world better in these uncertain times. Help them by answering this survey to share valuable insights into what kind of news media you want to see more of, and how you like to consume it.

Fifth Wave Connect member Hermine Mbondo of b4Brand has published advice about how to be a small business superhero with support from home.

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