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Thursday, May 21, 2020

You can now access all of CFC Media Lab’s COVID-19 Response Resources in one place.

Find tools and insights to support your business decisions as you navigate the new environments emerging due to the pandemic. The resources in each section begin with the links we most recently shared.

We will continue to send you the latest curated resources directly.

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The CFC Media Lab Team


This selection of insights and perspectives has been compiled to offer you thinking tools as you make decisions to support the development of your business. 

Four strategic areas for companies to focus on in order to reimagine their business models for the ‘next normal.’ (McKinsey & Company)

Three questions to ask investors during COVID-19, and why they matter. (GAN)

Three keys to maintaining agility once the pandemic is over. (Harvard Business Review)

Four lessons that businesses can learn from China’s reopening, which could inspire changes to business operations and new business opportunities. (EY)

How certain qualities that we consider more feminine turn out to be the ones needed to survive a global pandemic. (Sady Doyle)


Navigate the evolving impacts of the crisis with these tools.

Did you miss CFC Media Lab’s event Funding Decoded: Part 1? Access the video recording here to learn more about the grants and funds available to digital media businesses and creators in Ontario.

Learn about Government programs available to support Canadian entrepreneurs through the COVID-19 pandemic. (MaRS)

A selection of free reports and infographics focused on COVID-19’s impact on consumer attitudes towards media and broadband. (CTAM)

A report to help readers understand and respond to the varying needs and values of consumers based on their main behavioural drivers during the COVID-19 pandemic, based on survey results from 25,000 consumers in North America, Europe and Australia. (JoyCorps)

A report on how COVID-19 may permanently change consumer behaviour, with insights on new consumer segments and needs, based on a survey of more than 30,000 consumers in 15 countries across 5 continents. (Accenture)

MIT Sloan School of Management’s delta v accelerator created a self-awareness program to help founders and their teams prioritize their individual well-being while building their businesses. 93% of their cohort felt that these practices can help entrepreneurs create more successful businesses. Learn more about the framework used here. (Harvard Business Review)


Leaders in our community are evolving their offerings in response to the COVID-19 crisis.

In addition to launching IndigiNewsIDEABOOST Cohort 7 company The Discourse has launched french news website La Converse.

Fifth Wave Connect member Hermine Mbondo of b4Brand has developed a free report summarizing easy online communication solutions for business owners to leverage. Access the free guide here.

IDEABOOST Network Connect member Steve Hulford (Founder of Underknown) was the Managing Partner of Live Med Aid on May 9. The unique show about COVID-19 science and information was live-streamed on Facebook and YouTube to raise funds for Doctors Without Borders/MSF. The full program can be viewed here. More info about Live Med Aid can be found here.

How Canadian tech companies are pitching in during the pandemic, including companies such as Fifth Wave Labs Cohort 1 company EssayJack.(betakit)

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