Breaking Emma

Amy jo johnson   breaking emma copy




Single and dissatisfied Emma Josephine, a fading Hollywood starlet, is about turn thirty-five,that sacred age when our biological clocks starts to tick and life can become sheer panic. For Emma Josephine that crisis comes on the verge of her long awaited Hollywood “big break”. Having worked as an actress for over a decade on mediocre television shows Emma has been on a one-track trajectory in the quest for fame, and she is being considered for Hollywood’s next big film. Consumed in the engulfing life of Hollywood parties and a noncommittal boyfriend, Emma is living a unsatisfying life and pretending she loves it. When she meets a romantic French artist from Montreal, the complete opposite of her Hollywood life, Emma decides to set out on a spontaneous adventure to the mysterious romantic land of sevens.


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The IN DEVELOPMENT is a short promotional piece that is a "visual logline" for the feature project the filmmaker has developed with the CFC over the last five-and-a-half months.