The graduating residents of the 2016 Cineplex Entertainment Film Program.


CFC Provides an Intensive Professional Experience for Creative and Business Leaders

Our unique programs emphasize the importance of fusing artistic and creative considerations with the realities of the screen-based entertainment industry. By facilitating the transformation of talent and innovators into full-fledged content professionals and flourishing companies, the CFC positions you for success in film, television, screen acting, music and digital media.

Through intensive, practical hands-on programs guided by experts and industry professionals, we encourage you to constantly challenge yourself, and your teams, both creatively and commercially.

Our track record is exemplary; over 92 per cent of our residents go on to work in their respective disciplines within the film, television, digital media, music and acting communities. CFC’s connections within the industry offer you and your company unparalleled opportunities to network, cultivate professional contacts, regularly showcase your ideas and work to become influential industry players.

As an alumni, you will leave the CFC with an impressive portfolio of material, numerous industry connections and the expertise necessary to build your business or cultivate a long and meaningful career.








CFC Film provides an intensive creative and professional experience for filmmakers from across Canada to learn from leading industry experts, forge essential long-term partnerships and create exciting new works for the international marketplace.

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"I would have killed to have attended CFC when I was starting out. It would have saved me an unimaginable amount of time and heartache."

Ruba Nadda

CFC Mentor; Director/writer, "Inescapable", "Cairo Time"


CFC TV is the broadcast industry's primary source for professional series writers, emerging TV creators, showrunners-to-watch and original series content.

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Karen Walton

Executive Producer in Residence

Media Lab

The CFC Media Lab is a unique training, research and production think-tank environment for emerging new media content developers, practitioners and companies. We encourage innovation, collaboration and entrepreneurial spirit to expand the entertainment and business opportunities in the interactive space.

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Enterprising Culture 2016

Enterprising Culture 2016


The CFC Actors’ Conservatory offers actors a transformative artistic experience that strengthens the performer’s instrument for the screen and builds a professional skill set.

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The 2016 CBC Actors Conservatory

August 3, 2016

“Producing is about finding and nurturing talent. Always keep your eyes, ears and (most critically) your mind open to new talent."

Don Carmody

Producer Chair, CFC Film Programs


Music creators are integral to the storytelling process. The Slaight Family Music Lab is designed to bolster the integration of composers and songwriters into the onscreen process while also fostering unique business opportunities to increase the use of Canadian music in film, television, interactive and digital properties.

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Songwriter, 2014 Slaight Music Residency