CFC Provides an Intensive Professional Experience for Creative and Entrepreneurial Talent

Our unique programs emphasize the importance of fusing artistic and creative considerations with the realities of the screen-based and digital industries. By facilitating the transformation of creative and entrepreneurial talent into full-fledged content professionals and flourishing companies, the CFC positions residents and participants for success in film, television, screen acting, screen composing and songwriting, and digital media.

Through intensive, practical and hands-on programs guided by experts and industry professionals, we encourage residents and participants to constantly challenge themselves, and/or their teams, both creatively and commercially.

Our track record is exemplary; more than 92 per cent of our residents go on to work in their respective disciplines within the film, television, music, screen acting and digital media communities. CFC’s connections within the industry offer residents and/or their company unparalleled opportunities to network, cultivate professional contacts, showcase their ideas, and become influential industry players.

Alumni of our programs leave the CFC with an impressive portfolio of materials, numerous industry connections, and the expertise necessary to build their business(es) and cultivate long and meaningful careers.


CFC's uniquely designed core programs include the Film Program, CFC Features, the Bell Media Prime Time TV Program, the CBC Actors Conservatory and the Slaight Family Music Lab. These are intensive, professional and practical programs guided by industry experts.

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Windfields Estate, home of CFC Core Programs


The CFC Media Lab is a unique training, research and production think-tank environment for emerging new media content developers, practitioners and companies. We encourage innovation, collaboration and entrepreneurial spirit to expand the entertainment and business opportunities in the interactive space.

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"It’s about an ethics of understanding human needs at their most fundamental level. That is, I think, what the philosophy is behind IDEABOOST-ers. That's why it's such a great place for people like me."

Srinivas Krishna, Geogram


CFC’s Marketplace Initiatives are designed to offer new career, profile building and content opportunities to Canadian creators. These initiatives are often focused on addressing key gaps within the screen based industry and supported/sponsored by key industry partners.

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