Cultural Start-Up Award Finalists

Cultural Start-Up Award Finalists

2017 Canadian Finalists

Launched in early 2015, Brinx has built virtual reality products for major enterprises such as Lockheed Martin and Shopify. Its MasterpieceVR is the world's first collaborative VR platform that dramatically simplifies 3D sculpting and painting


LARGE is a mobile app and platform for the creation of location-based augmented reality (AR) content, created by Albedo Informatics. It is powerful and easy to use -- you just drag-and-drop 3D-Models, animations, photos, video, audio and text to create AR scenes. You can anchor scenes to real world locations around you, and connect series of scenes to create tours, scavengers hunts, and longer narratives.

Filmtyme Logo

Filmtyme is working on filmmaking tools to enable real time collaborative moviemaking in virtual reality.

Lens Immersive Logo

LENS is a virtual reality platform and content creation house, with its own unique compression codec technology to provide and produce pre-recorded/live virtual reality video content. LENS Immersive believes in quality, engaging, immersive storytelling paired with the world's most advanced streaming technology to seamlessly deliver these stories to market.

JanusVR Inc. develops software addressing the intersection of the Internet and AR/VR. JanusVR itself is an immersive web browsing and design platform that re-imagines and extends web content into multi-dimensional webspaces, interconnected by portals and amenable to social interaction and collaboration

2017 French Finalists

Novelab Logo

Novelab is a creative tech studio that specializes in next generation audio and interactive tools for movies, TV, anime and video games. 

Histovery Logo

Histovery designs, produces and operates “augmented visits” solutions, to best showcase monuments, museums and tourist sites with cutting-edge technologies.

Since 2013, our innovative solutions enable the general public to rediscover the wealth of cultural heritage via interactive technologies which are spectacular and accessible to all, in perfect compliance with scientific and historical knowledge.       


VRTUOZ is an enterprise platform to make exceptional interactive virtual reality experiences. Conceived with an innovative multi-user mode, VRTUOZ allows user to share real-time VR experiences together. As an open and scalable platform, VRTUOZ is compatible with any type of content or device and provides an easy way to integrate new tools from partners. Regarding the user experience, VRTUOZ brings VR to another level of interactivity by letting user chat, move or share easily with other users thanks to an integrated social toolkit.

Red Corner

Red Corner is an interactive production company, founded by film producers to mutualize a real know-how in conception of innovative contents, linked to their films or only to digital. Websites, movies and games in virtual reality: all of our projects gather the best creators and developers around meaningful and emotional content.

Gengiskhan VR

Gengiskhan VR is a creator of premium immersive contents. With hybrid teams and processes between movie industrie, live performance and spatialized sound, Gengiskhan VR develop a unique and demanding way of telling stories with new immersives technologies.

2016 Cultural Start-up Award Winners

A specialized Content Management System used by prominent global news and media organizations to create and publish social media-based content. 

A colouring book tool that allows child artists to morph into film directors by turning their pictures into animated films.

Canadian Finalists

A ground-breaking cultural platform capturing the creative process of the most inspiring artists worldwide and providing exclusive access to their work.

A multichannel content platform that delivers interactive, location-based augmented and virtual reality entertainment to mobile users on the go.  

Next-generation storytelling that unlocks kids’ creative potential. Using a tablet, children can create animated stories by using intuitive puppet gestures.  

Tailored video playlists, personalized for your brand. Vubble curates video feeds for people, businesses and organizations. 

Enables content producers and broadcasters to clip the best moments from their live events and create highlights optimized for mobile audiences in real-time.

French Finalists

Cross-platform playlist-curation service for influencers to spread playlists everywhere, as well as convert across music platforms.

A digital marketing platform for live entertainment professionals to optimize both the production and marketing of live entertainment.

A free, quick and easy tool for subscribers to compose and collaborate online with musicians globally.

Short and sweet stories about different artists and artworks delivered to over 300,000 subscribers three times weekly across mobile platforms.