The CFC/Netflix Marketplace Accelerator is designed to strengthen the international festival/market preparedness of select eligible creators (writers and/or directors) and their producers with exciting scripted narrative projects that have international potential. Projects should be developed and at the packaging stage and/or be produced content that is ready to shop.


This accelerator will connect creators and their producers with financing, sales and packaging experts and/or will send them to key festivals/markets in order to attract and secure international attention and support for their work.

The goal is to promote, package and position creators, their producers and their projects to successfully showcase a project’s potential and to help establish a creator/project in the international marketplace.

The Netflix/CFC partnership is in service of advancing and empowering Canadian voices and stories globally. This accelerator is not designed a content development or acquisition focussed endeavour for Netflix, and there is no obligation for Netflix to enter into any agreements with Netflix with respect to the projects being supported by the accelerator.


Creators who are:

  • BIPOC (Black, Indigenous and People of Colour)
  • Women
  • LGBTQ2S+ persons
  • Francophone creators (French as a first language)
  • Creators living with Disabilities as defined under the Human Rights Code


This accelerator will take a customized approach, looking at the specific needs of each project/produced content and creative team, offering marketplace and packaging support.

This accelerator is not designed to provide script development funding or core production funding.

Selected projects will receive support valued at anywhere from $1,000 to $7,500 depending on the needs of the project in the form of:

  • Access to mentorship and consultants offering high level feedback and expertise to further elevate the work, for example:
  • Financing, sales, distribution & packaging experts to advise on strategies for targeted festivals/marketplaces


  • Targeted financial support in the form of a non-repayable micro-grant to support participation in key marketplace activities and opportunities. The value of the targeted micro-grants will depend on the needs as expressed by the creative team, and on other support being accessed for the project outside of this accelerator.

The Marketplace Accelerator will provide support for up to 10 projects a year.


In addition to being from one or more of the communities noted above, creators (writers and/or directors) wishing to access accelerator support must meet all of the eligibility requirements below:

Creators and Producers must be Canadian citizens, Permanent Residents, or Landed Immigrants of Canada.

Creators and their producers seeking support for taking produced content to festivals/markets will be asked to present a current cut of the film, festival strategy and summary of distribution plans/interest.

Creators and their producers seeking support for a project at the packaging stage will be asked to present a detailed finance and production plan as well as all creative materials/package elements.

Complete Chain of Title evidencing full ownership of the project and proof of original concept will be required.


This accelerator is open for consideration of eligible projects throughout the year and there is no traditional formal application process nor set deadlines. We will be working with a number of CFC alumni, organizations and industry partners in order to identify projects and talent that might benefit from this accelerator and we are also open to interested individual creators communicating their interest or inquiries directly to the CFC at

Decisions regarding selection of projects for the accelerator and the nature and level of support will be made by the CFC. In making these decisions, CFC will seek and engage the expertise of advisors and consultants to provide additional perspectives on individual submissions and their eligible projects on a case by case basis. All eligible projects being considered for support are looked at individually and many factors are considered in the decision making, including project stage and viability, timelines, project or creator needs and expectations vis a vis the resources CFC can offer

This accelerator is a year round offering, however decisions regarding the creators and projects to be supported through the accelerator will be made as quickly as possible, but in no event later than twelve weeks from CFC’s emailed notice of confirmation of eligibility. Incomplete submissions will not be considered eligible.


The CFC is committed to providing accessible practices that are in compliance with the Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Act (AODA). If you require accommodation at any stage of the application process or have any questions regarding appropriate accommodations please contact Deborah Fallows, CHRO, at:



Can eligible projects be documentary or unscripted?
No. For the purpose and focus of this accelerator all projects must be original narrative works, in any genre.

What types of stories is this accelerator designed to support?
This accelerator is looking to support all types of narrative stories that eligible creators want to tell, in the way that they want to tell them, by helping to enhance their work in ways that they and their creative teams feel is most necessary.

What if the writer is eligible, but the director and/or producer is not?
As long as the eligible creator’s voice and talent are the focus of the project, we will absolutely consider this on a case by case basis.

Can producers submit work they hold the option on, rather than writers and/or directors?
Yes, as long as the creator (writer and/or director) as full owner of the project, is eligible, agrees to participate in the accelerator with the option holder, and will benefit from the support.

Will support be given directly to the creator or to the producer/production company?Support will be provided to the project and/or to the eligible creators, depending on the situation.

How does the CFC determine the support allocated to each project?
Creators/creative teams outline their project needs and plans which are then considered by the CFC in terms of the scale/scope resources available and the goals of the creative team/project.

Are projects in any language eligible?
Yes, but while we will consider projects in all languages, all materials being submitted to the CFC for consideration must be in English or in French.

Does the CFC or Netflix take any rights to projects that get support?
No. All rights remain with the creator/producer/creative team.

Does the CFC or Netflix have any creative approval rights over the project being supported?
No. While the CFC and/or consultants/experts that are engaged by the CFC may provide creative guidance, there are no formal approvals that rest with the CFC or with Netflix.

Can this support be accessed at a distance or do I have to be in Toronto?
Support can be accessed from anywhere in Canada. This accelerator is not a ‘program’ and there is no requirement to be in Toronto in order to receive support.