CFC master class with "Mad Men" executive producers André and Maria Jacquemetton at TIFF Bell Lightbox

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Bell Media Showrunner Bootcamp (Inactive)


The Bell Media Showrunner Bootcamp is a high-level career and business opportunity for senior TV writers and creators. It builds strong leadership and promotes the international exchange of best practices. Designed for experienced, senior-level television writers, this program will imbue you with the confidence and key executive management skills necessary to successfully run a TV series.


  • Application Deadline: Participation in this program is by invitation only
  • Program Start Date: TBA
  • Program End Date: TBA


This high-level bootcamp is a part-time, individually tailored initiative for up to four showrunners per year. It strengthens your leadership skills and analyzes best creative and business practices for showrunning. You will also engage in dialogue with leaders in the international TV industry on how the TV and broadcast model is evolving.

Core components
  • Identifying leadership styles and practices
  • Advancing creative and business relationships internationally
  • Incorporating business and marketplace considerations
  • Strengthening executive and management skills
  • Offers in depth conversations and meetings with top showrunners, producers and key industry professionals
  • Explores international market realities and their impact on current series models
  • Analyzes different network considerations and how creative vision and business cultures interact
  • Builds strong business partnerships
  • A five-day Los Angeles module provides unique access to top-tier TV professionals who share their knowledge about U.S. models
  • Better positions senior writers to be effective showrunners


The CFC works in consultation with key members of the TV industry to identify and invite four candidates of interest.

To qualify you must be a writer with significant TV credits, have projects in development with broadcasters, productions companies or producers, possess strong management skills and leadership potential. You will have experience writing on numerous shows, have held a senior role in a story room, taken on increased responsibilities and been credited as an executive story editor, supervising producer, co-producer, co-executive producer or executive producer.