The 2013 CFC Actors’ Conservatory participants

David Leyes

Actors' Conservatory



The CFC Actors’ Conservatory offers actors a transformative artistic experience that strengthens the performer’s instrument for the screen and builds a professional skill set.

Its designed to increase your confidence and onscreen portfolio while establishing strong creative and industry partnerships.


  • Nominations Open: February, 27 2014
  • Nominations Close: April 25, 2014
  • Application Deadline: May 2, 2014
  • Selections: May 2014 - June 2014
  • Program Start Date: July 28, 2014
  • Program End Date: February 13, 2015


This is a full-time six-month program for actors that balances artistic expression, creative collaboration and the demands of the international screen entertainment industry.

  • Developing the actors’ instrument
  • Expanding onscreen work
  • Strengthening creative storytelling and collaborative skills
  • Owning the audition process
  • Accelerating professional development and career strategies
  • Engages actors in onscreen storytelling and the filmmaking and TV process
  • Increases range, power and depth through working with some of the world’s leading practitioners
  • Strengthens business knowledge of onscreen acting and how to best position yourself and your talents in the marketplace
  • Expands your professional reel
  • Builds opportunities to showcase your onscreen talent and position you for work in the screen entertainment industry
  • Brokers countless creative and business opportunities by offering access to international mentors, creative advisors and leading industry professionals


Designed for actors deeply committed to the craft, you will develop your instrument and expand your range as an onscreen performer. We are looking for actors who are devoted to the craft, are open to growth and have a strong desire to collaborate. Ideally you will also have previous training or expertise.

Applicants must be nominated by an agent, casting director, director, producer, artistic director, acting teacher, writer, playwright, broadcast or production executive.

We are committed to equity and inclusion, and welcome and encourage applications from diverse Aboriginal, cultural and regional communities, and from actors living with disabilities.

The nominator must email the contact information of the actor being nominated to

We will follow-up with the actor via email and forward the online application instructions.


There is no tuition for the 2014 session. Bursaries are available.


Strengthening the actors’ instrument

Actors will participate in workshops, exercises and master classes exploring a variety of approaches and techniques that support onscreen work. You will be challenged creatively within a productive forum while expanding your acting toolkit.

Expanding onscreen work

To maximize your learning process, the Actors' Conservatory includes an on-camera element for as many sessions as possible. This is intended to make you more comfortable and aware of your onscreen presence and  prepare you for more complex exercises as the program advances.

Strengthening creative storytelling and collaborative skills

Collaborative storytelling is a fundamental part of all of our programs and disciplines. You will participate in workshops about storytelling essentials and be provided with the tools to analyze film and TV scripts so you can be fully integrated into the overall creative process.

The Actors' Conservatory offers you the opportunity to work with other disciplines within the CFC. This includes directors, film and TV writers, producers, editors, songwriters and composers. These collaborations will foster your appreciation of all the creative elements of your craft and expand your network within the industry.

Owning the audition process

An integral part of an actor’s development involves exploring the audition process. Audition workshops and exercises throughout the Actors' Conservatory are designed to present you with a variety of material, scenarios and the chance to work with a diverse range of professionals who offer coaching and feedback.

Accelerating professional development and career strategies

This stream includes sessions on how to manage collaborative relationships, personal presentation, taking meetings and protocol. Additionally, we will explore your rights as a performer, how the film and TV business operate and your role within it. You will also leave the program with new headshots and a renewed perspective on building your brand and career.

For any additional questions concerning the CFC Actors' Conservatory, please email Alaina McGravey at








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The CFC would like to acknowledge the co-operation of the Toronto Performers Branch of the ACTRA Performers Guild.