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With the acquisition of Oculus Rift by Facebook and with heavy investments into the VR landscape from companies like Google, Samsung and Sony, VR is accelerating rapidly, with industry revenues predicted to reach the billion dollar mark before 2020. In 2016, VR has finally made the transition from prototype to commercial launch, and is poised to become the next big platform for media and entertainment.

In preparation of the impending VR revolution, CFC Media Lab is developing a number of productions and programs to help answer important questions about how we as viewers will react to this new imposing medium, how creators will tell stories in this future, and how VR as an industry will evolve.

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The CFC is committed to providing accessible practices that are in compliance with the Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Act (AODA). If you require accommodation at any stage of the application process or have any questions regarding appropriate accommodations please contact Deborah Fallows, CHRO, at:dfallows@cfccreates.com.

Pulse on VR


Co-authored by CFC Media Lab and OMERS Ventures, in collaboration with Nordicity, this workflow and ecosystem study focused on the Virtual Reality (VR) ecosystem in Canada will consist of VR startup survey research as well as case study interviews. The study objectives are to map out the key players in VR content creation and technology development from key regions across Canada, with additional insights gathered from California; develop projections of VR opportunities; and increase the overall understanding the VR ecosystem.

Pulse on VR is supported by the Canada Media Fund (CMF-FMC), Telefilm, Creative BC, On-Screen Manitoba (OSM), New Media Manitoba (NMM), the Ontario Media Development Corporation (OMDC), SODEC and Super Ventures.

Approach and Methodology

The research will investigate VR content creators, as well as companies that make software and/or hardware that enable VR content, from specific jurisdictions across Canada – notably Ontario, Québec, Manitoba, Alberta, and British Columbia – with additional insights gathered from California. The research will also incorporate experiences such as active VR (e.g. VR games), passive VR (e.g. linear documentary experiences) and hybrid VR experiences (combining both active and passive VR). The study will address specific topics such as who is making VR experiences and creating the tools and/or hardware that enable these experiences, what companies are currently have the potential to shape the VR ecosystem, what challenges exist in creating VR experiences in Canada, and what future opportunities exist for VR.







Community Partners

VR Productions

Small Wonders: The VR Experience

Immerse yourself inside a prayer bead and explore the intricate carvings made visible through the power of micro-computed tomography (micro-CT) and virtual reality in Small Wonders: The VR Experience. Produced by the Canadian Film Centre’s Media Lab (CFC Media Lab) and Seneca College School of Creative Art & Animation, this artistic and technical collaboration between AGO conservateur, Lisa Ellis and interactive artist and designer Priam Givord (Seneca) marks the first time any one will be able to move through, around and within one of these small wonders.

CFC VR Sketches Series

CFC VR Sketches is an ongoing series of VR pieces, produced by CFC Media Lab that explore the grammar of this new VR language. Productions are either developed internally or in co-production with VR studios and creators. Recent sketches include TimeTravelGuided Virtual Reality Tours in co-production with the Institute of Indigenous Futures (IIF) and artist Skawanetti Fragnito, and Qualia Zen Eagle in co-production with Mobio Interactive. The former tests how live performances in a metaverse like Second Life feels in VR while the latter is an eagle-flying simulator that responds to your physical actions and brainwaves. Both were premiered at Hot Docs 2016. Additional sketches are planned for Fall 2016.


Canadian Genre-VR Film Series

From Cyberpunk Adventures to “Cronenbergian” Explorations, CFC Media Lab premiered the Canadian Genre VR Film Series at Cannes Marché NEXT Programme in May 2016.

The Canadian Genre-VR Film Series was presented in association with Fantasia Film Festival, Cream Productions and Telefilm Canada.

Body/Mind/Change Redux Teaser
Producer: Ana Serrano
Directors: J.Lee Williams and Blair Renaud
A CFC Media Lab Production in co-production with TIFF and in association with Occupied VR, Body/Mind/Change Redux Teaser, starring David Cronenberg, immerses audiences in a “Cronenbergian” world inspired by the film Videodrome.

Technolust: The Short Film 
An OccupiedVR Production
Producer: J. Lee Williams
Director: Blair Renaud
Technolust: the short film is a taste of the award-winning virtual reality adventure set in a near-future Cyberpunk world, made for Oculus Rift. 

The Closet
A CFC Media Lab Production 
Producer: Ana Serrano
Director: Ian Tuason
A young man investigates strange supernatural forces in his new home when he discovers an even stronger, insatiable force where he least expects it. 

War of the Dead 
Executive Producers: David Brady and Kate Harrison
Producer: Kim Creelman; Directors: Brian Rice, Tristan Cezair and Andrew MacDonald
Mayhem surrounds Civil War soldiers when zombies overtake the battle trenches in a virtual reality onslaught of blood and guts. 

CFC Animated VR Series

The CFC Animated VR Series, in partnership with Seneca College, explores how VR can be used to enhance and engage users in an animated episodic series based on a two-character narrative.

The first of these Animated VR Series is being developed by award-winning animator Lillian Chan. Her project involves following a young girl who discovers and develops an unlikely friendship with a small, shy, and ever-evolving creature. Over the course of several encounters in this strange world, Girl witnesses Creature transform from a tiny, slightly-amorphous ball that expresses simple, infant-like thoughts and emotions, into a large and physically complex entity (with equally complex—and conflicting—emotions). Through her patience, ingenuity, and wit, Girl helps Creature manage and master the struggles associated with his evolution into a one-of-a-kind creature. And in so doing, a deep and enchanting friendship ensues based on trust, creativity, and humour. In a larger sense, Creature represents everyone’s raw, uninhibited emotions, while Girl represents the tempering thoughts that regulate our behaviour.

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