Gharrett Patrick Paon

Gharrett Patrick Paon




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Gharrett Patrick Paon is a Métis (Mi’kmaq/Acadian) actor-producer based in Halifax. An award-nominated actor, he has appeared in Haven, AMC’s series, The Killing,and Thom Fitzgerald’s series, Forgive Me. During his Bachelor of Commerce co-op degree at Dalhousie, he associate produced the National Geographic special, Deadly Journeys of the Apostles, and the nature documentaries, Wild Wild East and Ocean Parks, for the Smithsonian Channel. Paon is founder and president of Rebel Road Films, with a slate that includes the feature, Elsinore, from writer/director Cory Bowles, and the miniseries, Lejeune, the incredible true story of Henrie Lejeune, Paon’s ancestor, who survived the Acadian expulsion and banded with the Mi’kmaq to form a resistance against the Loyalists.