Greg Nisbet

Greg Nisbet


Fall 2013




MEDIAZOIC was created by Greg Nisbet. Greg is a social entrepreneur, storyteller, and music missionary. Since wandering off the path of a young pre-law student at the University of Toronto, Greg has earned a living in over 40 different capacities, in jobs worldwide as varied as busker, safari guide, bartender, mergers and acquisitions broker, teacher and actor. He speaks five languages other than English, each well enough to communicate but none well enough to convince his three kids to do household chores without being asked. In addition to Mediazoic, Greg runs a communications and consulting company dedicated to improving digital literacy and effectively implementing digital strategy. Musically, Greg lives for frequent occurences of the driveway moment, the wipe-that-smile-off-your-face span of precious time during which you are so captivated by music that you cease all of your other activities just to listen. He is constantly thinking about how to use technology and other means to replicate such moments as often as possible during a typical day.