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  • CFC and Spring TV: Must-See Alumni Series This Season

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    The first day of spring has finally sprung! To help you celebrate the beginning of a fresh new season, here are some fresh new and returning series airing...

  • Saved


    Tempted by a beautiful young philosophy student, the faith of a Jehovah?s Witness is tested.

  • Six Writers Gear up for the CFC’s 2015 TV Story Room with Executive-Producer-in-Residence Avrum Jacobson

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    Hailing from different backgrounds, these talented Canadians bring varied experiences, strengths and characteristics to this year’s Bell Media Prime Time TV...

  • Light Years


    In their final year of college, Emma, an engineer with dreams of working for NASA, and Emmett, a photographer with dreams of traveling the world as a ...

  • Rabbit Punch


    A brutal boxer and his prize wife enter the final round of their relationship. They are surprised by the results, unclear of who is the winner and who is the...

  • When She Comes Back


    A devoted son and grief-stricken mother are forced into a painful confrontation with a past that threatens their future.

  • Jackie May


    Jackie May is a writer/director/producer based in Toronto. She wrote the screenplay for the feature film Siblings, which was produced by CFC Features in 2003...

  • Virgin Summer


    Life for 16-year-old Ben Feldman blows. His father – the neighbourhood’s rabbi – recently passed away and his mom is already shtupping Abe Brillstein, the...

  • Anderson Unbound


    A salesman attending a conflict-resolution seminar attempts to apply his new skills by interceding in a knockdown, drag out fight between two roughnecks.

  • Exhuming Tyler


    A reclusive mortician finds refuge from an unkind world in the companionship of his dead patrons.

  • Sshhh...


    A troubling tale of an 11-year old boy who finds the ultimate antidote to his father's adultery.

  • Jason Knight


    Jason Knight Casting Director Jason Knight is a Toronto based casting director. Some recent credits include Sarah Polley’s ‘Take This Waltz’, Vincenzo...

  • Shahid Quadri


    Shahid Quadri is a freelance interactive designer with 12 years experience. He has worked in many industries, including advertising, the music industry, and...

  • Burgeon and Fade


    During a party, the insecurities of a middle-aged Mom threaten the close relationship she has with her daughter whose burgeoning beauty has managed to swivel...

  • Jennifer Podemski


    Jennifer Podemski is an award-winning, Gemini nominated actress and producer born and raised in Toronto, Canada. Since beginning her professional career at...

  • The Reaper


    Death hides in plain sight on the streets of Paris where Sarah exists as a “reaper” tasked with summoning people to their afterlife through a single touch. A...

  • Alumni & Resident Roundup: Updates & Successes (June 2018)

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    CFC alumni are continually making waves in the Canadian and international screen-based entertainment industries – from awards to festivals, industry...


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    Experience works of art and innovation at CFC Media Lab Exhibition 2007: Digital Alchemy Toronto, September 24, 2007 – As the streets of Toronto come...



    How far would you go to escape the ties that bind? When two squeegee kids descend upon Sarah and her freshly washed luxury sedan, the fuse is lit on a tense...

  • Don't Talk To Irene


    Irene is 16, fat, friendless and tired of being a loser. She’s determined that this year is going to be different—Irene is going to become a...

  • David Weaver


    David Weaver is a writer/director with experience in feature films, movies of the week, and episodic television. His work has screened on major networks...

  • Laura Barrett


    ...with a diverse history of solo work and collaborations across the mediums of music, film and theatre. Most recently, she scored and co-wrote original music for Sarah Goodman's feature Porch Stories (2015) and the 2011 short film Paahtomahsikimii (Peter Lynch, director). Barrett was the musical director for live theatre productio...

  • Girls Who Say Yes


    Two girls. One former boyfriend. Shake, but do not stir- a sexy recipe for reversing positions of power in friendships.

  • Kathleen Climie


    Kathleen Climie is an award winning Production Designer with two decades of experience in the film industry. After several years as a theatre designer, she...

  • Martirio


    The Falconcrest Circus used to rule the land with its captivating clowns, its feral elephants, and above all else, Don Falconcrest's incredible, identical...