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  • Big Blue


    BIG BLUE is a one-hour serial. It’s a dramatic, fantasy horror with comedic elements. After a near-death experience, socially awkward Mandy now sees ghosts,...

  • Vincenzo Natali


    Natali's directing debut came in 1997, when he was approached to direct Cube (1997). The film became a success worldwide, especially in Japan and...

  • More Onscreen Laughs: The 2016/2017 Telefilm Canada Feature Comedy Exchange Heats Up in Los Angeles

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    The 2016/2017 Telefilm Canada Feature Comedy Exchange is in full swing, with our four teams currently in Los Angeles, pitching their projects and taking...

  • ​Brainstorming New Futures for Canadian Media at Hacks/Hackers

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    Ezra Levant, Craig Silverman, Jesse Brown, Ian Gill – a veritable feast of alt-media celebrities - gathered this weekend for the first-ever Toronto edition...

  • Rishi's World


    Rishi is 10 and has spent his whole life locked in a windowless room with his mother and sister. They’re prisoners of his father, but Rishi doesn’t realize...

  • Night


    When a man’s grief grows so great that it absorbs the sun, he chooses to leave his daughter and search the city to reunite with his dead wife’s spirit.

  • Marc Tetreault


    Marc Tetreault is an independent producer and writer from Halifax, Nova Scotia. In 2011, he co-founded Shut Up & Colour Pictures Inc. with partner Jason...

  • Strands


    STRANDS pays homage to Mary Shelley's Frankenstein and takes a cool, coy and timely look at the encroaching world of genetic science.

  • Robyn Dell'Unto


    Songs off Robyn Dell’Unto’s albums  Little Lines and I’m Here Every Night have been featured in Being Erica, Degrassi: The...

  • Alison Brooks


    Alison is a product of the beautiful green hills of Gatineau Quebec. She holds a BA from McGill University, a MA from Universidad Complutense Madrid and a...

  • Body/Mind/Change Redux VR Teaser


    Body/Mind/Change Redux, the complete digital extension of TIFF’s exhibition David Cronenberg: Evolution, immerses audiences in a “Cronenbergian” world...

  • VR Productions


    CFC Animated VR: Yumi and Boom An interactive, episodic virtual reality series, Yumi and Boom brings the power of mindfulness and short-form character-driven...

  • ​Kiefer Sutherland Announced as Chair of CFC Actors' Conservatory

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    CFC (Canadian Film Centre) is delighted to name esteemed Emmy and Golden Globe Award-winning actor Kiefer Sutherland as Chair of the CFC ACTORS CONSERVATORY....

  • The 2014 CFC Annual BBQ Fundraiser

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    On Sunday, September 7, 2014, CFC held its Annual BBQ Fundraiser on our campus on Windfields Estate under sunny skies.

  • CFC Media Lab VR Sketches Series


    CFC Media Lab invites the filmmaking community to learn about and discover the grammar and language of VR storytelling. Working with a collective of game...

  • Edward Norton Leads CFC Actors Conservatory Master Class

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    On September 9th, Golden Globe Winner and Academy Award nominated actor Edward Norton led a Master Class for the CFC Actors Conservatory, presented by...

  • Stray Dog


    Angry and down-on-his-luck after getting robbed at a card game, Giorgio Puccini deliberately hits a young man with his car, whom he thinks is the culprit....

  • Celebrating Alumni Nominations for 2018 Canadian Screen Awards

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    Among the 2018 Canadian Screen Awards nominees are 53 different projects and productions from 68 CFC alumni.

  • Michelle Osis


    Michelle Osis is a Toronto-based composer for film, TV and advertising. She recently emigrated from Sydney, Australia where she worked as a freelance screen...

  • Cleveland Wood's Last Day On Earth


    An offbeat, black comedy about birthdays, death, tuna fish sandwiches and a mother's love.

  • Shift


    A middle-of-nowhere motel provides the backdrop for a young woman?s sexual awakening and her mother?s flight from a troubled marriage.

  • AntiVJ at MUTEK: Projection mapping masters talk up unconventional visuals and running a “visual label”

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    Continuing our MUTEK interview series, we talk to AntiVJ artist Joanie Lemercier and producer Nicolas Boritch about their approach to mind-bending projected...

  • ​CFC Salutes Alumni Filmmakers and Project Lab Participants at TIFF '11

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    The CFC (Canadian Film Centre) would like to congratulate all of its alumni participating in the 2011 Toronto International Film Festival (TIFF).

  • Matthew Gouveia


    Matthew Gouveia was recently nominated for a Dora Mavor Moore Award for Outstanding Performance for his work as Chris Smith in The Coal Mine Theatre’s...

  • A Celebration of Talent, Hard Work and Commitment: The 2017 CBC Actors Conservatory Showcase

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    On February 26, 2018, we celebrated the 2017 CBC Actors Conservatory Showcase and shone the spotlight on the eight residents of the 2017/18 Conservatory...