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  • Announcing the Nominations for the 2017 Canadian Screen Awards

    News Item

    We are thrilled to congratulate our CFC alumni, mentors, residents and board members who have been nominated for the 2017 Canadian Screen Awards.

  • Kelly Finnegan


    Kelly Finnegan Vice President, Global Strategy and Partnerships, StyleHaul Speaking at Buffer Festival Industry Day on Thursday, October 16 @...

  • Maureen Dorey


    Maureen DoreyStory Editor Mentor, Cineplex Entertainment Film ProgramMaureen Dorey is a free-lance analyst and story editor and instructor who helps writers...

  • Melissa Schneider


    Melissa Schneider Senior Vice President, Development and Production, New Form Digital Studios Speaking at Buffer Festival Industry Day on Thursday, October...

  • 2015 Sundance Diary

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    Thursday, January 22, 2015 – Day OneMy 6:30 a.m. flight is delayed due to a gas leak. After two hours of waiting, they finally decide to cancel it...

  • CFC Celebrates Theatrical Release of NURSE.FIGHTER.BOY

    Press Release

    TORONTO February 3, 2009 - NURSE.FIGHTER.BOY, the 17th feature film produced through the CFC Feature Film Project will open theatrically in Toronto and...

  • Kathleen Grace


    Kathleen Grace Chief Creative Officer, New Form Digital Studios Speaking at Buffer Festival Industry Day on Thursday, October 16 @ 4:00pm Kathleen Grace is...

  • Five Alumni Films Screening at 15th Annual Whistler Film Festival

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    Five CFC alumni films are screening as part of the 15th annual Whistler Film Festival.

  • Producer Participants Announced for Fifth Annual CFC GO WEST Project Lab in Whistler

    Press Release

    Toronto, June 21, 2011 – Six producers from across Canada have been selected to participate in the fifth annual CFC GO WEST Project Lab. Presented by the...

  • Sonja Bennett


    In 2002 Sonja starred in her first major film role in the Canadian feature film PUNCH. For her performance she was awarded Best Actress by the Vancouver Film...

  • Life on Juniper


    Following reports of a mysterious crash, a stubborn and aging farmer soon finds himself harbouring a short, stout alien in his barn. With Agents knocking on...

  • That Burning Feeling


    Adam Murphy - a real-estate hotshot and confirmed bachelor - feels the burn of failed love(s), when a social disease takes him face-to-face with a handful of...

  • CFC Actors Conservatory Announces Participants and Accomplished Mentors

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    The CFC (Canadian Film Centre) is pleased to announce the eight residents as well as some of the accomplished mentors for the third year of the CFC ACTORS...

  • TIFF Hosts World Premiere of 2015 CFC Short Film BENJAMIN

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    On Monday, September 14, 2015, BENJAMIN, produced through the CFC’s 2015 Short Dramatic Film Program, had its world premiere at the Toronto International...

  • A Glimpse into the Innoversity Summit 2014 Boot Camp

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    On Thursday, October 23, 2014, Innoversity held their Innoversity Summit 2014 Boot Camp on CFC’s campus in the new Northern Dancer Pavilion. CFC is proud to...

  • Eleven CFC Alumni Nominated for 2016 DGC Awards

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    The Directors Guild of Canada announced the nominees for the 2016 DGC Awards on June 22, 2016. We are pleased to share that 11 CFC alumni have been nominated...

  • Comedy Bootcamp for Film at Just for Laughs

    Press Release

    JUST FOR LAUGHS COMEDY CONFERENCE REACHES OUT TO THE NEXT GENERATION OF CREATIVE TALENTA total of three projects have been selected to be showcased in the...

  • Paul Bronfman

    Staff Member

    Paul Bronfman is the Chairman/CEO of Comweb Corp. and William F. White International Inc. He is also Chairman of Pinewood Toronto Studios Inc.Mr. Bronfman...

  • Virgin Summer


    Life for 16-year-old Ben Feldman blows. His father – the neighbourhood’s rabbi – recently passed away and his mom is already shtupping Abe Brillstein, the...

  • ​Ten Genie Awards Nominations for NURSE.FIGHTER.BOY

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    NURSE.FIGHTER.BOY, the CFC's 17th feature film, has garnered a record ten Genie Award nominations including Best Motion Picture, Best Original Screenplay and...

  • ​FROST Nominated for DGC Award

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    Nominations for the 2013 Directors Guild of Canada Awards have been announced. Among the nominees is FROST, the acclaimed short film, directed by Jeremy Ball...

  • Notes from August 2017 AR+VR Industry Night

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    The Toronto chapter of We Are Wearables gathered last week at the House of VR on Queen Street West for the August 2017 AR+VR Industry Night, a series of...

  • CFC Media Lab Presents Douglas Rushkoff and 'Distributed: A Beginning'

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    Celebrated media critic Douglas Rushkoff was in Toronto to take part in the launch of CFC Media Lab’s animated short VR film, Distributed: A...