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  • Little Robot Friends


    Product Description Clever kids are already starting to learn code with drag & drop on tablets and smartphones. But how do you make coding fun and engaging...

  • ​Startup Spotlight: Ann Poochareon of Little Robot Friends

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    Co-founder Ann Poochareon shares how Little Robot Friends teaches kids about programming and what she’s learned about being an entrepreneur.

  • Damali Little-White


    Damali Kai Little-White is a multi-talented producer with a passion for innovative storytelling. Damali has a foundation in film, television and new media...



    A feel-good family comedy about three generations of women living under one roof, trying to navigate the respective ups and downs of womanhood. Grand-Meré...

  • Little Bandits


    Little Bandits Glass is a turn-based duelling game for two players. Each player chooses two moves per turn, then watches the duel play out. Will you aim,...

  • Little Bookcase Publications


    “Little Bookcase Publications” is a four-player co-operative board game which offers an experiential hands-on understanding of Holacracy fundamentals via...

  • Little Guy Games


    Product Description: Little Bandits Little Bandits Glass is a turn-based duelling game for two players built for Google Glass in the ideaBOOST/Mind Pirate...

  • IDEABOOST-supported Startup Éditions Animées Turns Children into Filmmakers with 'My Little Pony' App BlinkBook

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    IDEABOOST-supported Startup Éditions Animées Turns Children into Filmmakers with My Little Pony App BlinkBook Both Éditions Animées and SAM, the inaugural...

  • Ann Poochareon


    ...installations. Ann and her partner Mark deliberately choose to do work that they enjoy, putting emphasis on creating meaningful outcome. Their latest creation, Little Robot Friends, is a blend of their creative thinking and technical prowess, with a mission to inspire kids the way many pioneers have inspired their work.

  • Notes from 2017 Hardware Cup Int'l Finals

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    The CFC Media Lab team headed to “Pitchburg” this month for the highly competitive AlphaLab Gear Hardware Cup International Finals in Pittsburgh. Joining...

  • Tom Frencel


  • Participating Start-Ups


    ...reveal problems, but also point possible paths forward, helping our audience move from dismay to possibility, passivity to action. Little Robot Friends Little Robot Friends create connected toys and apps for learning code and electronics. Designed for age 7 and up, our products make learning code fun...

  • One-On-One with Founders of CFC Media Lab’s IDEABOOST Accelerator Cohort 6

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    As the sixth cohort of CFC Media Lab’s IDEABOOST Accelerator kicks off, we sat down with each of the founders to find out what makes them tick.

  • IDEABOOST Launches Bespoke Investor Session with The VR Fund’s Tipatat Chennavasin

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    On Monday, September 11, a select 30 VIP investors met seven of the Canadian Film Centre’s Media Lab’s (CFC Media Lab) investment-ready startups in IDEABOOST...

  • Elizabeth Coleman


    Elizabeth Coleman Like Erykah Badu, I’m a woman composed of many names—inherited, bestowed or earned. My fascination for names and naming seems to be...

  • ​IDEABOOST Cohort 6 Wrap-Up: Tips for Startup Survival, Advice from Mentors and Reflections on the Program

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    After four months of intensive mentoring, IDEABOOST Cohort 6 came to an end this past weekend. Their boot-camp journey concluded with newly polished pitches...

  • IDEABOOST ‘Meet The Customers’ Event Provides Focused Feedback

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    IDEABOOST companies pitched, demoed and engaged with representatives of their ideal target market to get, in the words of emcee Warren Coughlin, “intense,...

  • PawzMonitor


    Do you know anyone who is crazy about their dog, but is more than a little worried about what their pup is up to while they're away all day, or when exactly...

  • Sharman Wilson


    Sharman's enthusiasm for new adventures never ceases. Her passions include travel, writing fiction and non-fiction, reading, roaming the internet,...

  • Bill Kouretsos


    Bill Kouretsos has been developing applications commercially on a variety of platforms for over 7 years ranging from web to mobile gaming. He is currently...

  • Announcing IDEABOOST Accelerator Cohort 6 Companies

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    We are excited to announce the six companies in Cohort 6 of CFC Media Lab’s IDEABOOST Accelerator program.

  • Enterprising Culture 2018


    ...soft Canada Session II: The Humanization of Technology 1:15 - 1:45 p.m.  Presentations "Learning Code through Connection," Ann Poochareon, Little Robot Friends "Real-time Connections in Immersive Media," Eric Fantone, DVgroup "Work that Matters: Matching Learning with Career Trajectories," Pat Whelan, Paddle HR...

  • Ade Labinjo


    Ade Ladinjo is the CEO and Founder of uMentioned, a college-based messaging app that lets you share things anonymously or not, with your friends and peers.

  • Joshua Astrachan


    Joshua Astrachan Producer, Animal Kingdom In July 2012, Joshua Astrachan co-founded ANIMAL KINGDOM, a new film and television production company. Under the...

  • Brendan Prost


    Brendan Prost is a performance-intensive filmmaker from Calgary, best known as the writer/director of four features: Generation Why (2009), Choch (2011),...