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  • Patrick Dinnen


  • James Patrick


    A graduate of the Film Program at Queen's University and the Canadian Film Centre's Editors' Lab, James Patrick brings his background in film theory, passion...

  • Patrick Crowe


    A producer, writer, game designer and filmmaker, Patrick is the founder and president of Xenophile. His productions have won accolades around the world,...

  • Patrick Tarr


    Patrick Tarr worked for many years in many jobs in film & TV production before attending the Canadian Film Centre Writers’ Lab. While there, Patrick co-wrote...

  • Gharrett Patrick Paon


    Gharrett Patrick Paon is a Métis (Mi’kmaq/Acadian) actor-producer and founder of Rebel Road Films. The company is developing Wildhood, an indigenous identity...

  • Patrick Whistler


  • Patrick Tarr


  • Patrick Cardarelli

    Staff Member

    Patrick Cardarelli is currently Senior Director, Recovery & Resolution Planning at the Royal Bank of Canada (“RBC” or the “Bank”). In this capacity, he is...

  • John Patrick Shanley on Adaptation and his Creative Process

    News Item

    “I was born a poet. I just was,” remarks Academy Award-winning writer/director John Patrick Shanley on stage at a master class event on Monday, March 23,...

  • CFC Presents an Evening with Academy Award-Winning Writer/Director John Patrick Shanley

    Press Release

    CFC Presents an Evening with Academy Award-Winning Writer/Director John Patrick Shanley on Adaptation and his Creative ProcessToronto, March 16, 2015 –...

  • Gaku


    Gaku is a one-to-one communication tool that provides a meaningful space to share photos, video, and audio with loved ones across distances, specifically...

  • What's Your Essential Cinema?


    What’s Your Essential Cinema, co-produced by CFC Media Lab and TIFF was an interactive projection commissioned for the opening of the Toronto...

  • tweet2hold


    ...: DesignerJohn Guppy: OrigamiKatie Sawatsky: Folding IllustrationPatrick Roy: Lymbix TechnicianJosh Merchant: Lymbix TechnicianHeather Ritchie: Lymbix MarketingPatrick Dinnen: Lymbix AssistanceMatt GorbetDavid Bouchard

  • Olivier Sabino


    Olivier Sabino is a Toronto-based director and producer originally from Montreal. Since completing his film studies at L’inis in 2004, he has produced a...

  • Sway


    A final encounter between an aging woman and her grandson reveals a surprising and intimate past.

  • Xenophile Media


  • ​CFC Celebrates Strong Presence At TIFF

    News Item

    Two CFC-produced short films, a CFC Media Lab/TIFF interactive installation and an outstanding collection of films created by CFC alumni have been selected...

  • Dreemer


    A surreal love story about a nineteen year old girl with the personality of an abused dog, and her oppressively misguided boyfriend.

  • Winter Sun


    Iona has been cold for fifteen years since her brother went away. Now he returns, bringing the heat of a winter sun with him. When he falls in love with her...

  • Skinheads


    A jobless 30-year-old living with his mother has delusions of grandeur when skinheads surround their house. In trying to penetrate the skinhead's master...

  • Milo 55160


    Milo 55160 is a stylized, dark comedy about Heaven's loneliest and busiest bureaucrat who spends his days processing disoriented and angry "newly-deads". One...

  • CFC Media Lab Exhibition 2008: and then s/he turned to me and said…

    Press Release

    ...small, old and new, preserving generations of wisdom and imagination, Gaku creates an essential inter-generational archive that will be cherished. Created by: Patrick Dinnen, Deiren Masterson, Jefferson Wright, Angella Mackey. Visit: www.gacu.caHarnessing a wide range of creative skills and knowledge, the CFC Media Lab's TELUS Inte...

  • Jackie May


    Jackie May is a writer/director/producer based in Toronto. She wrote the screenplay for the feature film Siblings, which was produced by CFC Features in 2003...