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  • ​Ruth Madoc-Jones


    A graduate of the Acting Program at the National Theatre School, Ruth Madoc-Jones has worked in theatre for more than 20 years as a writer, creator, dramaturge, and director, and is now bringing her experience to writing for television. Her...

  • Barbara Jones


    Barbara Jones, an award-winning documentary producer, began her career as a radio reporter. Since then, she has worked primarily in television and new...

  • Evan Jones


    Evan Jones is the founder of Stitch Media, an interactive media production services company which tells stories using new technology and timeless techniques....

  • Gareth Jones


  • Lee Jones


  • Stephanie Jones


    Stephanie Jones splits her time between the Niagara Region of Canada, Toronto and New York. She is an acclaimed actor, playwright, Artistic Director and...

  • David Jones


    David Jones Principal, Creative Strategist, Social Lab After two decades working at and leading social media strategy development at global PR, advertising...

  • Quincy Jones Visits The Slaight Family Music Lab Residents

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    During Quincy Jones’ visit to Toronto as part of Canadian Music Week, the renowned musician, producer, composer, arranger, etc. took time to reconnect with...

  • Deliver Me


    Deliver Me is a one-hour crime drama that delves into the nature of trauma, transformation, and faith. Having suffered a still birth in her third trimester...

  • Six Writers Gear up for the CFC’s 2015 TV Story Room with Executive-Producer-in-Residence Avrum Jacobson

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    Hailing from different backgrounds, these talented Canadians bring varied experiences, strengths and characteristics to this year’s Bell Media Prime Time TV...

  • CFC TV Writers Showcase Original Series Concepts

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    On March 2, 2016, we celebrated the 2015 Bell Media Prime Time TV Showcase, where audiences got a glimpse into the 2015/16 TV writers’ original...

  • Summer TV and the CFC: Where to Catch our Alumni this Season

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    While it’s not technically summer yet, we’re looking ahead to some hot new and returning TV series airing this May, June, July and August. Check out these...

  • Escape


    A depressed suburban housewife escapes the mundane realities of her everyday life by choosing a pastime that is as therapeutic as it is deadly.

  • Days Of The Week


    Days of the Week is an interactive show blurring conventions of film, television and games to create a new entertainment form. With console technology, users...

  • Michael Pierro


    Michael Pierro is a Toronto-based film and television editor. His work spans a variety of genres, from dramatic feature films, to fast-paced reality TV and...

  • Mike Dobson


    Mike grew up in small town Ontario cottage country. Following completion of a Bachelor of Arts in History at McMaster University, he attended the...

  • Your Body of Water


    In response to the Quantified Self movement, which uses body data for self tracking and self improvement, this thesis explores how aestheticized heart rate...

  • Stitch Media


  • Preggoland


    When 35-year-old Ruth ruins a baby shower with her juvenile antics, her old high school cronies-who are all mothers now-promptly de-friend her. But when she...

  • The Big Con


    Bill Jones and George Devol are done with their small time cons and embark on a quest to pull off what’s come to be known as the big con or long con for the...

  • Kris Lefcoe


    Lefcoe's media-savvy Canadian Film Centre short "Can I Get a Witness?" starring Scott Speedman, attracted enormous critical acclaim at international...

  • Linzi Knight


    Raised in Hamilton Ontario, Linzi has been career oriented her entire life. Her first as a gymnast, toughened her up nicely and taught her how to survive on...

  • Jean of the Joneses


    Jean of the Joneses is about a girl from a dysfunctional family of Jamaican women who have happily sent all the men in their lives running for the past...

  • ​Matthew Hannam-Edited ANTIVIRAL to Premiere at Cannes Film Festival

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    Congratulations to Matthew Hannam ('05)! It was announced today that ANTIVIRAL, the feature film on which he serves as editor, will have its World Premiere...

  • Alex Paxton-Beesley Now Appearing on 'Copper'

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    CFC Actors Conservatory alumna Alex Paxton-Beesley ('10) has made her debut on Showcase's gripping, hit new crime series "Copper".