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    Joe and his siblings have a couple of problems. First off, their stepparents are despicably evil. Secondly, they seemed to have killed them. Now this mixed up mess of half-sisters...

  • Celebrate National Canadian Film Day with CFC and ‘SIBLINGS’

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    CFC is proud to participate in National Canadian Film Day on April 20, 2016 by offering Canadians the chance to stream SIBLINGS for free on throughout the day. SIBLINGS, directed by David Weaver and written by Jackie May, was developed and produced through CFC Features,...

  • Tashi Bieler


    ...THE BRIDGE. During her 20 years in the business, and prior to coming to eOne, Tashi produced both feature films and television, including such shows as CELINE,Siblings, Moon Palace, THE ASSOCIATES and THE ELEVENTH HOUR.

  • Marcia Douglas


    Marcia Douglas is a media consumer, collaborator and strategist.She has produced several award winning short films and the theatrical feature "Siblings" which premiered at the Toronto International Film Festival.As an assistant director member of the Directors Guild of Canada, she worked on numerous TV and fil...

  • Jackie May


    Jackie May is a writer/director/producer based in Toronto. She wrote the screenplay for the feature film Siblings, which was produced by CFC Features in 2003 and starred Sarah Polley, Sarah Gadon, Nick Campbell and Sonia Smitts. May was the head writer/producer on Alan Haw...

  • His Name is Willy


    Two siblings begin the process of reconciliation as they perform a DIY funeral for their recently deceased mother.

  • Day Pass


    For 10 year-old boys like Junior, trouble comes in many forms – siblings, cigarettes and uncles on the lam. A film about truth, smoking and growing up.

  • David Weaver


    ...lm Festival (TIFF) and received two Genie nominations. Variety termed it “an incredibly strong first feature.”He followed that up with the critically acclaimed Siblings, written by Jackie May, starring Alex Campbell, Sarah Gadon and Sarah Polley, which also premiered at TIFF. Critic and programmer Cameron Bailey cited it as th...

  • Kirsten Bolton


    ...n. It was nominated for five awards and won "Best Short Film" at the Alberta Motion Picture Industry Awards.The short film_Shipwrecked (2006)_ marks The Bolton Siblings' second short film collaboration.The film had a successful international festival tour, garnering a nomination for Best Cinematography at the Rhode Island Inte...

  • Maureen Dorey


    ...dian Film Centre Feature Film Projects, including: NURSE.FIGHTER.BOY (produced 2008, nominated for 10 Genie Awards, including Best Screenplay), THE DARK HOURS, SIBLINGS, HORSIE’S RETREAT and SHOW ME.

  • Get Your Film Made with CFC Features

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    Are you a first-, second-, or third-time Canadian filmmaker looking for a unique opportunity to advance your script and produce your feature film project in...

  • The 2017 Short Dramatic Film Program Showcase

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    On June 21, the 2017 Short Dramatic Film Program Showcase took place at TIFF Bell Lightbox Cinema.

  • ​Cameras Set to Roll on CFC Feature 'OLD STOCK'

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    Canadian Film Centre (CFC) is pleased to announce that principal photography will begin next week on OLD STOCK, the 18th feature film production developed...

  • MOLLY MAXWELL Opens in Toronto April 19

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    ...tage, Kitty Pryde, The Cave Singers, and Rich Aucoin.Since 1992, CFC Features has produced 21 feature films including:Cube, Nurse.Fighter.Boy., The Dark Hours, Siblings, 19 Months, Khaled,The Uncles, Rude, and Blood & Donuts, as well as the upcoming CFC Features, Old Stock, Rhymes for Young Ghouls, and Cruel & Unusual.

  • Justine Whyte

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    ...atrical feature films, including; BLOOD & DONUTS, RUDE, HOUSE, SHOEMAKER, CUBE, CLUTCH, THE UNCLES, THE ART OF WOO, KHALED, 19 MONTHS, SHOW ME, THE DARK HOURS, SIBLINGS, NURSE.FIGHTER.BOY, OLD STOCK and MOLLY MAXWELL, and most recently CRUEL & UNUSUAL and RHYMES FOR YOUNG GHOULS. In addition to launching many careers, these fi...

  • You Scared, Eh? II: More Great (and Underrated!) Canadian Horror Films by Decade

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    Here are a few of our favourite “lesser-known” Canadian horror films from the past few decades.

  • CFC To Premiere Three Films At 2013 Toronto International Film Festival

    Press Release at the Toronto International Film Festival. CFC Features'Cube was awarded Best Canadian First Feature Film in 1997, whileBlood & Donuts, Nurse.Fighter.Boy, Siblings, and Rude were all presented. Last year saw the short film Frost debut to critical acclaim. Each year sees an average of fifty alumni with works in the festiva...

  • OLD STOCK Opens in Toronto May 31

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    ...y Rosetta!, Royal Wood, Maylee Todd, and The Haunted.Since 1992, CFC Features has produced 21 feature films including:Cube, Nurse.Fighter.Boy., The Dark Hours, Siblings,19 Months, Khaled, The Uncles, Rude, and Blood & Donuts, as well as the upcoming CFC Features, Rhymes for Young Ghouls, and Cruel & Unusual, and Molly Maxwell,...

  • ALUMNI Testimonials and HIGHLIGHTS


    ...The Listener, Republic of Doyle and Bitten. Paul helmed the feature film Everything's Gone Green, written by award-winning author Douglas Coupland. SIBLINGS director David Weaver ('04) has gone on to work on several projects, including directing the segment "Lost Boys" of the festival hit anthology f...

  • CFC Features


    ...Features include: PUBLIC SCHOOLED, 22 CHASER, RHYMES FOR YOUNG GHOULS, CRUEL & UNUSUAL, MOLLY MAXWELL, OLD STOCK, NURSE.FIGHTER.BOY, THE DARK HOURS, SIBLINGS, 19 MONTHS, KHALED, THE UNCLES, CUBE, RUDE and BLOOD & DONUTS. For any additional information and questions regarding CFC Features, please email&nbs...