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  • Pinch VR


    Pinch VR Inc. has developed a low-cost, entry-level handheld VR controller. The Pinch™ controller and associated software development kit (SDK) leverage the...

  • CFC Media Lab VR Sketches Series


    CFC Media Lab invites the filmmaking community to learn about and discover the grammar and language of VR storytelling. Working with a collective of game designers, visual effects aficionados, storytellers, 3D modellers, real-time interface designers, filmmakers an...

  • VR Productions


    CFC Animated VR: Yumi and Boom An interactive, episodic virtual reality series, Yumi and Boom brings the power of mindfulness and short-form character-driven stories together...

  • VR Strategy


    With the acquisition of Oculus Rift by Facebook and with heavy investments into the VR landscape from companies like Google, Samsung and Sony, VR is accelerating rapidly, with industry revenues predicted to reach the billion dollar mark befo...

  • Invisible World: the VR Experience


    ...whose lives intersect around the near-tragedy of a child in Cambodia. Enabling us to move within, between, and around cinema as a physical object and treating VR as a “spatialized medium,” Invisible World is a conceptual story space where our bodies create new meaning through new juxtapositions.

  • House of VR


    Press, Awards & Achievements: Inside House of VR, Toronto’s futuristic new virtual reality lounge House of VR in Toronto to get more Canadians interested in VR House of VR makes new technology a reality...

  • Pulse on VR Exhibition Showcases Canada's Best in VR

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    As a part of the Pulse on VR: A Living Ecosystem launch and in celebration of Canada Day, CFC Media Lab is presenting the Pulse on VR Exhibition, a weeklong showcase from some of Cana...

  • VR | Exploring the Virtual Frontier

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    The premier showcase of CFC Media Lab’s VR Sketches Series during this year’s HotDocs Festival culminated in a Town Hall-styled discussion on where VR can take documentary filmmaking. Moderated by CFC’s...

  • Body/Mind/Change Redux VR Teaser


    ...ates a 3D-printed object based on data collected from the player, but also viscerally places her in the world of Cronenberg through virtual reality.OCULUS RIFT VR TEASERTo experience the teaser via Oculus Rift please download the files below: Mac herePC here

  • Pulse on VR: A Living Ecosystem


    Launched by CFC Media Lab and OMERS Ventures in collaboration with Nordicity , Pulse on VR: A Living Ecosystem represents an ongoing snapshot of the Canadian Virtual Reality (VR) ecosystem as it evolves. Beginning June 27, we will start present...

  • ​First-Ever IDEABOOST Network Connect VR Summit

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    To better serve the growing VR startup community, the CFC Media Lab is hosting its first IDEABOOST Network Connect VR Summit from February 28 to March 1, which is aimed at building a st...

  • Don't Miss the AGO's Small Wonders: The VR Experience

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    Check out the sublime virtual reality (VR) experience and exhibition at the Art Gallery of Ontario in Toronto.

  • Earth Day Learning with AR and VR

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    Three ways educators might use VR and AR in their Earth Day lessons.

  • Filmtyme to Host VR Hack-In: Interview with Co-founders Ben Sainsbury and Anthony Baird

    News Item and entrepreneurs, are co-founders of Filmtyme (an IDEABOOST Network Connect company). They will be taking their team to Montreal’s Hackerfest for a 24-hour VR Hack-in that kicks off on July 15, 2016.

  • Applied AI, Millennials and VR to Dominate in 2017

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    Media and technology trends for 2017 from Nick DeMartino, Chair of IDEABOOST Investment Advisory Group.

  • CFC Media Lab’s Quick Guide to Making Passive VR

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    Here's a handy one-page cheat sheet for budding VR filmmakers working in what’s called passive VR or 360 video.

  • Photo Diary @ The 14th Factory

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    Photographs from CFC Media Lab’s COLLISIONS VR Salon event at The 14th Factory in L.A.

  • CFC Media Lab’s COLLISIONS VR Salon Invigorates @ The 14th Factory

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    A packed house of VR producers, technologists, art world figures and students were treated to an invigorating conversation at CFC Media Lab’s COLLISIONS event.

  • ​Five Tips for Startups Navigating the VR Space

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    If you’ve been following the virtual reality (VR) posts that CFC Media Lab has published last year, one thing becomes clear -- technology that was once little more than a concept is now in the hands of millio...

  • Can Museums Gain New Audiences with Immersive Media?

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    How are immersive media technologies like AR and VR changing the way audiences experience art, both inside the gallery and beyond? 

  • CFC’s VR Experiences Screening at International Exhibition in Seoul, Korea

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    CFC’s VR Experiences Screening at International Exhibition in Seoul, Korea Three award-winning Canadian productions on exhibit at the National Museum of Modern and Con...

  • Encore Engagement at the Met - 'Small Wonders: The VR Experience'

    News Item to The Met Cloisters (99 Margaret Corbin Drive, Fort Tryon Park, New York, NY 10040) with their “impressively transporting” (Hyperallergic) virtual reality (VR) collaboration, Small Wonders: The VR Experience. The encore engagement is FREE with admission, with reservations suggested due to popular demand, Friday, Marc...

  • Notes from August 2017 AR+VR Industry Night

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    The Toronto chapter of We Are Wearables gathered last week at the House of VR on Queen Street West for the August 2017 AR+VR Industry Night, a series of panels, pitches, and presentations that showcased the latest trends in AR and VR.

  • ​Who’s Who of VR Showcase Latest Works at Cannes

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    A first-hand account of the 2016 Cannes Film Festival and “Future of Cinema” by Ian Tuason, Production Manager, CFC Media Lab.

  • VR's Best Celebrate the Launch of 'Pulse on VR: A Living Ecosystem'

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    On Monday night, Virtual Reality’s best and brightest gathered at the House of VR in Toronto to celebrate the launch of Pulse on VR: A Living Ecosystem, an ongoing survey that collects data on the tools, workflows and challenges facing Canad...