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  • Virtual Reality Has Its Day

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    Forget whatever low-rez memories you may have of 90s-era VR. Things have changed radically, and for the better. At our Annual BBQ Fundraiser this...

  • Excellence in VR: CFC Media Lab at OCE Discovery 2016

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    CFC Media Lab recently attended the 2016 edition of Ontario Centres of Excellence (OCE) Discovery alongside IDEABOOST affiliated...

  • Celebrate Canada 150 with Canadian Virtual Reality Works at House of VR

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    Don’t miss this chance to immerse yourself in an array of Canadian Virtual Reality (VR) works at the “Pulse on VR” Exhibition at the House of VR in Toronto from June 27 to July 2.

  • OPEN IMMERSION: A Virtual Reality Creative Doc Lab


    The First Virtual Reality Creative Doc Lab produced by the CFC Media Lab, the National Film Board of Canada (NFB) and JustFilms | Ford Foundation October 11-19, 2016 | TorontoIn this...

  • KIJO: Virtual Pet Companion


    Virtual Pet Companion is a game that motivates the user by mobilizing play for rehabilitation purposes; on a broader scale, this project aims to give...

  • Virtual Urban Gallery


    ...hip with its surrounding environment and is important not only for its aesthetic appearance, but also for the history and culture of the city it inhabits. Virtual Reality (VR) technology provides new opportunities for audiences to appreciate public art in its environmental and spatial context. This thesis investigates the use of...

  • CFC Media Lab Showcases Latest Virtual Innovations from Glass to Rift at Immersed Conference

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    From Sunday, November 23 to Monday, November 24, 2014, Canada's first industry and creative conference devoted to all things virtual reality will take place in Toronto at 99 Sudbury. Organized by The Immersive Technology Alliance (The ITA), and funded by the Canada Media Fund (CMF) and the Ontario C...

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  • Hudson Pridham


    ...his undergraduate degree, which involved the creation of inexpensive VR technologies for exploring architectural designer, he is currently exploring the use of virtual reality as a control system for rovers in extreme and remote locations.

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  • Jeremy Littler


    ...or numerous projects and events within FCAD. Jeremy’s research encompasses mobile/embedded technologies, bio-articulation, customized electronic interfaces and virtual reality applications. Jeremy positions his work as an exploration of the potential for soundscape design, storytelling and artistic expression within unique performanc...

  • Body/Mind/Change Redux VR Teaser


    ...perience that not only generates a 3D-printed object based on data collected from the player, but also viscerally places her in the world of Cronenberg through virtual reality.OCULUS RIFT VR TEASERTo experience the teaser via Oculus Rift please download the files below: Mac herePC here

  • Prashant Matta


    ...ntures, Prashant worked in Samsung's Global Strategy Group. At Samsung, Prashant led strategic projects in mobile, digital media and emerging technologies like virtual reality. Before Samsung, Prashant was a Senior Consultant for Deloitte Consulting in Toronto, where he advised companies across various sectors on strategy, operations...

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  • Rebeka Herron

    Alumni Abs, airing on NOVUS TV, which completed its second season, and she has recently finished shooting VR Wonders of the World, working as a virtual reality producer with Perspective Films. Another project, The Legend of Davy Crockett, placed in the Top 15 with Cinecoup 2015, and is now in development wit...

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  • Made This Way: Redefining Masculinity


    Comprised of photographs and virtual reality volumetric testimonials, Made This Way: Redefining Masculinity is an interactive mixed-media documentary that explores how transgender subjects are challenging...

  • Filmtyme


    Our proof of concept won in the "Best AR/VR" app in the first round of the Project Tango contest. Our VR documentary game concept was greenlit on Steam in...

  • Anxietyville


    Anxietyville is a darkly comic web series and Alternate Reality Game about the lives of six urban neurotics linked together in a web of...

  • Distributed: A Beginning


    ...d by the CFC Media Lab and directed by award-winning animator and filmmaker Justin Stephenson, Distributed: A Beginning is a visceral, graphic visualization in virtual reality of the world through the lens of the contemporary corporation and offers a glimmer of a way forward towards a more distributed, networked economy in which powe...

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  • VR Strategy


    With the acquisition of Oculus Rift by Facebook and with heavy investments into the VR landscape from companies like Google, Samsung and Sony, VR is...

  • Elli Raynai


    ...made two feature films and eight short films. His passion for art and technology has led him to explore the possibilities of creating cinematic experiences in virtual reality. His latest VR film “I Am You” has been an official selection for the Kaleidoscope 2016 World Tour and can also be found on the Gear VR Store.