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  • Mehnaz Aydemir


    ...d her Master in Design degree at OCAD University, Digital Futures program. Mehnaz has interest in digital installations, product design with digital touch, and wearables. She dreams of a future where all children can play and learn in a new education system that can be based on creativity.

  • Notes from August 2017 AR+VR Industry Night

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    The Toronto chapter of We Are Wearables gathered last week at the House of VR on Queen Street West for the August 2017 AR+VR Industry Night, a series of panels, pitches, and presentations that showca...

  • Neighbourhoodie


    Contributors: Angella Mackey (Hoodie design, wearables consultation), David Bouchard (Additional Programming)Neighbourhoodie is an Interactive Hoodie and Game Platform for the iPod Touch and iPhone. This comfy, hoo...

  • Pearl Chen


    ...avaScript, jQuery, Android, mobile web, Flash, AS3, Wordpress, Titanium Appcelerator, experience design, UX, electronics, physical computing, Arduino, LilyPad, wearables, emerging technology, rapid prototyping

  • Maziar Ghaderi


    ...section of technology, experience design and creative direction. Maziar has presented at eLeo, SIGGRAPH, Interaction13, Augmented Cinema Film Festival, Toronto Wearables Meetup, Mesh, Intersections14, HarbourFront Centre's HATCH festival, the Ontario Centre of Excellence and has co-authored several academic articles for design...

  • ideaBOOST/Mind Pirate Production Lab


    ...hat want to navigate the incredible potential of games on the next consumer mega-trend of wearable technology Opportunity to become an early mover in the wearables technology market including being the first to access Callisto, the only wearable technology game engine on the market A think-tank environment that brin...

  • Delving into Immersive Media at Elevate TO: Market Insights

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    Read some of the highlights from the recent daylong event on all things immersive media, Elevate AR/VR, held as part of Toronto-based tech festival, Elevate...

  • Ryan Lussing


  • Program


    ...tform – the only wearable technology platform on the market – to create 3D games and apps across both current (iOS, Android) and future (Google Glass and other wearables) mobile platforms. Access to Cutting-Edge Technology You will get access to cutting-edge technology and the opportunity to become an early mover in the...

  • ​Alexa Roeper Wins Inaugural Canadian Female Founders Hardware Cup

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    The Canadian Female Founders Hardware Cup, the brainchild of IDEABOOST’s Ana Serrano and WWTO’s Tom Emrich, is the only pitch competition for female founders...

  • Designing for Experiences: Three Highlights from Digifest 2018

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    Three key takeaways emerged from this year’s Digifest event, revealing how design is generating these “experiences of becoming” in practice.

  • ​Alumni Spotlight: Wearable Technology Designer Angella Mackey

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    Smart. Elegant. Innovative. These are the words that come to mind when you first see designer Angella Mackey’s Vega brand of electronic garments and...

  • Startup Spotlight: Adam Adelman of Nex Band

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    CEO Adam Edelman, a member of Cohort 6 of CFC Media Lab’s IDEABOOST, shares a couple of his favourite Nex Band features and the toughest lesson he’s learned...

  • CFC and Mind Pirate Announce the ideaBOOST/Mind Pirate Production Lab

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    ...e market's first and only tightly integrated client-side and server side game-focused platform that supports leading mobile devices with a special emphasis on “wearables” such as smart glass and smart watches. It enables developers to create engaging experiences that merge the virtual and physical worlds through rich applicatio...

  • Notes from 2017 Hardware Cup Int'l Finals

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    The CFC Media Lab team headed to “Pitchburg” this month for the highly competitive AlphaLab Gear Hardware Cup International Finals in Pittsburgh. Joining...

  • Wearable Tech & VR: BBQ Attendees Meet a Roster of the CFC’s Digital Innovators

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    One of the highlights of the 2014 CFC Annual BBQ Fundraiser included the first-ever digital content and technology exhibition, showcasing nine interactive...

  • Four Easy Ways to Support Women in Tech

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    To celebrate International Women’s Day, here are four simple things anyone can do to support women.

  • IDEABOOST Network Connect | Key Insights Into the Appetite for Digital Tech Investment

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    Your success starts with how well you tell your story. For startups in an increasingly competitive market, this is imperative to remember as you seek out...

  • Digital Marketing Coordinator

    Career those startups that promote digital screen-based entertainment and new immersive media technologies, such as augmented reality (AR), virtual reality (VR), wearables and the Internet of Things (IoT), as well as artificial intelligence (AI) – fields that are all poised to be highly valuable to future career prospects in the...