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Mediazoic creates custom audio streaming solutions for people and brands.

Team Members

Greg Nisbet - Founder & CEO


Product Description: RadioMogul

RadioMogul by Mediazoic is a unique custom radio solution that allows brands to connect with audiences within a fully-customized music broadcasting space. Clients can create and schedule programs, broadcast live, stream into physical locations, and distribute a graphic “tuner” pointing to their station(s) anywhere that the internet reaches. 

In a typical month, four out of five Canadians listen to music or radio on a PC or mobile device, so RadioMogul allows brands to reach their customers and potential customers where the emotional engagement of great radio is already happening. The web-based system simplifies the creation of a branded online radio presence by tackling the two biggest obstacles in doing so: building a mobile-compatible, cross-platform player and licensing the music. 

Mediazoic entered the third cohort of IDEABOOST with the goal of structuring out their customer acquisition strategy.