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At Alternative Food Network we believe food can be medicine, a tool in the integrative tool box to heal and balance. Alternative Food Network is a niche multi-media resource at the intersection of food and personal best health. We produce cooking videos and informative podcasts with experts in the fields of medicine, science and nutrition to help health-minded adults get informed about what to eat to prevent, manage and even reverse disease. Our mission is to foster a 'can-do' approach to eating for a healthy and energetic life.

Team Members

Esther Garfin - President


1. Plant Based Diet is a podcast series about all things plant based. From the 'why' to the 'how', this series brings you interviews with healthcare professionals, industry executives and people with interesting stories to tell about their plant based journey. 

2. Doctors+ is a podcast series that interviews western medicine practitioners who are also trained in complementary or alternative therapies such as Integrative, Naturopathy, Chinese and Ayurvedic medicine. Each episode includes a thought-provoking discussion about food as medicine, sometimes challenging the western medicine status quo but always drawing upon evidence-based knowledge to credibly inform the health consumer.